2016 Places still available for children up to 13 years

2016 Places still available for children up to 13 years

Pupils’ outstanding achievement owes much to an approach to learning and personal development that is centred on their physical and emotional well-being and their moral and spiritual development. Ofsted: March 2014
Open Days

Open Days

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Our School

Our School

“Children’s best interests lie at the heart of everything we do. Around them we create the necessary space and structures to support the growth of balanced, outstandingly educated, purposeful, creative and independent thinkers.” School Vision Statement
"Outstanding" (Ofsted, 2014)

“Outstanding” (Ofsted, 2014)

Ofsted are impressive in their approach to independent schools. They check the school curriculum to ensure it includes all required areas of learning, and then they examine the school’s effectiveness at bringing the curriculum to children. This is achieved through close scrutiny of teachers’ lesson plans, children’s work and children’s...

We have a new Headmaster!

We are very pleased to announce that we have a new Headmaster, Carl McCarthy. Carl is joining us from Newlands Primary School, a community school in Hampshire where he has had much success.

Carl has worked with educators across the world and has a deep interest in creating the best learning environment for children. He also has experience working as an OFSTED inspector and is a consultant to the British Council.

As a school, we are hugely inspired and influenced by both the Steiner and Acorn methods, but we’re open to finding our own way. Carl is the right person to take our school forward and we’re delighted he is joining our community. He will start in September and we will soon hear more from him. Watch this space!


The London Acorn School is a holistic, OFSTED outstanding school for 3-14 year olds, set in a beautiful National Trust park in Southwest London. As our younger pupils get older, the school will grow, providing an upper school to the age of 18.

Small class sizes and a unique approach to education supports children’s growth into well-educated, independent and happy young adults.

We have a vibrant, diverse school community. Parents and the school work together with children’s best interests at the heart of everything we do.


OFSTED (2014) says

“Pupil’s outstanding achievement owes much to an approach to learning and personal development that is centred on their physical and emotional well-being and their moral and spiritual development.”