We welcome others keen to be part of a pioneering alternative to mainstream education to join us. If our approach sounds like it would suit your family we’d love to hear from you.

School Fees September 2019 – 2020

Fees per term (£) Fees per year (£)
Kindergarten £2,967 £8,900
Class 1 £3,223 £9,700
Class 2 £3,400 £10,200
Class 3 £3,400 £10,200
Class 4 £3,400 £10,200
Class 5 £3,400 £10,200


Kindergarten: 8:30am – 1pm

Classes 1-7: 8.30am – 3.15pm (1pm on Fridays).

Sport Fees

Fees/term (£)
Class 1 £60 per term
Class 2 & 3 £120 per term
Class 4, 5 & 6 £140 per term

Misc Fees

Fees/term (£)
Kindergarten daily snack £2 per day
Class 1-5 School Supplies £40 per annum

Additional Clubs

Schedule Fees (£)
Breakfast club 7:55am-8.25am £5 a day or £22 a week
Afterschool club 1pm-3pm £15 per session
3pm-5pm £15 per session
Both sessions £25 a day
Karate Club Monday 3.15pm-4.30pm £15 per session
Woodwork/Crafts Club Tuesday 3.15pm-4.30pm £10 per session
Drama Club Wednesday 3.15pm-4.30pm £10 per session
Yoga Club Friday 1pm-2pm £10 per session
Gardening Club Friday 1pm-2.15pm £10 per session
Cookery Club Friday 1pm-2.15pm £10 per session
Column 1 Value 11 Column 2 Value 11 Column 3 Value 11

Clubs are booked and payable half termly in advance. Any sessions missed are non-refundable.

The London Acorn School is a not for profit organisation and we strive to keep costs as affordable as possible. Our largest investment is in outstanding teachers and natural materials; our IT infrastructure costs are minimal.

Admissions Information

The School accepts admissions for Little Acorns, Kindergarten and Lower School all year round, allowing pupils to start at any point in the academic year.

Our admissions procedure means we welcome pupils of all academic abilities and value them for what they bring to the school community. It is an inclusive and transparent process.


  1. We advise prospective parents to attend a tour of the school before making any Application.
  2. By filling in this Pre-Registration you will receive a prospectus and may request an informal talk with the Headteacher and Class Teacher prior to completing the Registration Form.
  3. To make an application for a place, a Registration Form must be completed and returned along with the Registration fee, currently £60 (this is usually invoiced on receipt of the Registration Form). Applications will be acknowledged by the Admissions Officer within five working days during term time and an interview and observation taster date will be offered. This is not available prior to a formal application.
  4. Your child will be invited to attend a taster day. During this taster day the class teacher will make observations and your child will complete age-appropriate tasks to ensure that we can meet your child’s needs. In consultation with the Headteacher, further taster days can be arranged. We recognise that placing your child in the right environment is extremely important. The Class Teacher and Headteacher will meet with your child during their taster day for an informal interview.
  5. We request that families also submit school reports from their child’s previous school, where appropriate and other documentation which is relevant such as EHCP or medical information.
  6. Where a child has previously attended another Independent School, the School Business Manager will request, in writing, a financial reference from the institution.
  7. Applications will be considered by the Headteacher and Senior Leadership Team. A decision is normally made on the same evening. On some occasions, a decision will be held over until the following week.
  8. When a child is accepted, a letter of offer will be sent out by the Admissions Officer within 5 working days of the decision.
  9. Acceptance of place is made by signing the offer letter and School Handbook and Agreement. Once these are received by the school, the Admissions Fee of £150 will be due for payment.  The School Handbook & Agreement is a legal document which binds parents to the terms therein.

Kindergarten: 8.30am – 1pm

Classes 1 – 5: 8.30am – 3.15pm (1pm on Fridays).

To enquire an application for a place, a Registration Form must be completed and returned along with the Registration Fee, currently £60 is required. This fee is non-refundable. This fee is usually invoiced on receipt of the Registration Form.

One full term’s notice is required for the withdrawal of a child from school. This notice should be received by the School in writing on or before the first day of term. A full terms fees are payable if insufficient notice is received. We reserve the right to withhold your deposit if this is not upheld.

A refundable deposit is required upon acceptance of a child’s place at the school. The deposit amount is £2,000 per child for kindergarten and £3,000 per child in classes 1- 5. This is deducted from the fees due for the final term that a child is at the School, provided the appropriate notice of leaving has been received in writing. It is non-refundable prior to the child starting at School.

Fees received late will be charged at 10% extra on the term cost. Notices of late charge payments required will be issued within the first week of term.

Should there be a requirement for additional support for a child, we will work closely with parents to ensure that provision is in place to provide this. This will be assessed on an individual basis and there may be additional fees required in order for us to adequately meet the child’s needs.

We accept payment via childcare vouchers and also tax free childcare payments.

A sibling discount of 5% is offered for families with more than one child attending. This discount applies to the second child and subsequent children in a family.

We operate the universal early years funding entitlement for 3 and 4 year olds.