The London Acorn School is a committed and vibrant community of pupils, faculty, parents and carers united by shared beliefs.

In an ever changing world, the only certainty is uncertainty; the skills we learn today may be obsolete tomorrow. Our focus is equipping children to thrive whatever happens by imbuing them with the skills, resilience and desire to learn throughout their lives.

Our increasing addiction to smartphones and other devices limits the downtime that the brain needs to process, wander and dream and is particularly detrimental to the development of young minds. While we introduce technology later on, in the early years we are very careful about exposing our children to screens.

Just as technology can be detrimental, so nature is beneficial, providing children with the space for their bodies and their imaginations to run wild. For this reason, we based our school in London’s most eco-diverse park and ensure that all pupils spend time every day in nature.

Numerous studies have shown that the large class sizes and exam pressure heaped upon children from an early age is counterproductive, leaving them anxious and turning them off learning. So we create a gentle environment where children in small classes learn at a pace in keeping with their developmental needs.

Being gentle does not mean being lax. A secure and ordered environment with consistent daily rhythms is essential to learning. We uphold the highest standards when it comes to behaviour.

We have high academic expectations for our children; indeed many educationalists have concluded that a gentler approach to education in the early years can be conducive to academic achievement later on.

Though important, academics are not the ‘be all and end all’. Supporting children’s emotional, physical, creative, technical and spiritual development is as important as fostering academic accomplishment. We take a holistic approach, equipping children for life, not just for exams.

Rather than limiting ourselves to a single philosophy or approach, we stand on the shoulders of the educational giants that came before. Our curriculum is primarily shaped by the Steiner Waldorf approach, blended thoughtfully with elements of Montessori, forest school and mainstream education that align with our values.

Situated in a truly global city and fortunate to count people from a wide variety of ethnicities and backgrounds as part of our community, we recognise the tremendous value that people with different experiences and perspectives can provide our community and embrace them.

Our greatest asset is our community. Together we are charting our own course, creating a school for the future with every decision we take dictated by the best interests of our children. We welcome others who share the passion to rethink what a school can be to join us.