The London Acorn School provides a broad range of exciting extra-curricular clubs for all ages, from Kindergarten to the top of Juniors. Each half term, clubs rotate, offering students a chance to try something new. Here is a typical club timetable:

Clubs Autumn Term 2023 (first half term) Schedule Fees (£)
Chill Club (Kindergarten) Monday 2-3pm Complimentary
Bouncy Cheer Club (Kindergarten) Tuesday 2-3pm £10 per session
Multisports Club (Kindergarten) Wednesday 2-3pm £10 per session
Yoga Club (Kindergarten) Thursday 2-3pm £10 per session
Music Club (Kindergarten) Friday 1-2pm £10 per session
Chill Club (Junior School) Monday 3.15-4.15pm Complimentary
Retro Bounce Trampettes Club (Junior School) Tuesday 3.15-4.15pm £10 per session
Maths Booster Club (Junior School) Wednesday 8.10-8.30am Complimentary
Multisport Club (Junior School) Wednesday 3.15-4.15pm £10 per session
Yoga Club (Junior School) Thursday 3.15-4.15pm £10 per session
Lego Club (Junior School) Friday 1-2pm Complimentary

There are a combination of complimentary and fee paying clubs. Club timetables are published at the end of each half term for children to sign up for the following half term. Clubs are booked and paid for half termly in advance. Any sessions missed are non-refundable.