Age 3.5 to 7

Although it is possible to teach young children academic subjects, we wait until the children are nearly seven to start this. We feel the extra time in Kindergarten is well spent, and are keen to protect children’s right to an unhurried childhood. We have a proven track record that our children soon learn the same skills as their peers who start formal lessons at four and a half.

The London Acorn Kindergarten can offer your child from 3.5 to 7 years old a secure, unhurried and beautiful setting where we believe that play is the serious work of childhood. In the kindergarten the emphasis is towards learning through play, enabling your child to develop the skills for lifelong learning.

We create an environment that is safe, warm, loving and beautiful that forms a bridge between home and school. The young child learns through imitation and here we endeavour to provide them with worthy role models.

The strong rhythm, repetition and reverence of the kindergarten day, week and seasons carries with it its own creative discipline. Activities include, drawing, painting, baking, sewing, weaving, and woodwork, outside expeditions, ring games, fairy tales, singing and eurhythmy.

The celebration of festivals throughout the year guides the child from one season to the next, whilst allowing the children time to wonder, be in awe and have gratitude for the earth, others and themselves.

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“Modern life is fast paced, technology and the pressure of early learning is in danger of leaving behind the traditional qualities that we associate with early childhood, imagination, wonder, play and good times.”