Why Parents and Carers Love The London Acorn School

We welcome families from all over the world, but what attracts parents and carers to The London Acorn School is a shared belief in an alternative schooling philosophy that places a strong emphasis on nature, self-paced learning, and a respect for childhood.

Wonderful low tech school that focuses on children’s individual growth and development partly following the Waldorf/Steiner Model, while additionally focusing on academic achievement in the higher age-group classes.
Rob H
A truly special place. My children couldn’t be happier here.
Oliver Egan

My daughter has been attending the kindergarten for a year. The level of accommodation and dedication we have received is amazing. My daughter settled quickly (this is her first daycare experience) and has a great connection with her teachers. For me it was important that the school activities are age appropriate and that the child’s emotional well-being is prioritised. I also felt spending time outdoors was important, as well as the respectful attitude towards children and letting them grow at their own pace when they are still so young. It’s a lovely and close knitted parent community and our family has come to cherish this school.

Helena Annuk

Our children love this wonderful community school! The warm and highly capable staff are focused on nurturing curiosity and creativity in a holistic and child-centred way. Such a beautiful setting, and easily commutable for parents who work in the City.

Gonda Winternitz

What Our Pupils Love About The London Acorn School

We strive to make our school a warm and nurturing environment where children can learn at their own pace and develop a strong love of nature and sense of curiosity about the world. We are so pleased to know that our pupils are enjoying their time at The London Acorn School.

And the teachers aren’t strict and are very helpful and jolly.

The London Acorn School Student

The teachers are nice and helpful.

The London Acorn School Student

I like that there’s not too many people in the classes because…it’s easier for teachers and we can have more time with each other.

The London Acorn School Student

I don’t mind being a low-tech school because we do other exciting stuff instead, like making things in woodwork and forest school.

The London Acorn School Student

Why The Teachers Love The London Acorn School

Our educators are passionate about the school’s unique learning philosophy. Our progressive curriculum alongside our calming and low-tech environment are designed to foster a positive, purposeful, and effective drive for our students.

We are not only blending curricula together, but we are trying to pioneer an education system that just doesn’t exist. But we’re still hitting those key targets and I think what’s really important for parents to know is that we’re not just making it up as we go. We’ve taken the best of the Steiner curriculum, of the Swedish Forest School curriculum, and of the national curriculum.

The London Acorn School Teacher

It’s a really beautiful alternative approach to education. It allows our kids to grow up in their own time and their own space and explore whatever they’re interested in and grow up in a really beautiful place as well, which is really important.

The London Acorn School Teacher