Junior School

The Heart of Childhood

6 to 9 years

The Junior School starts with children aged 6 (Year 2) and continues until the child reaches the age of 9 (Year 4).

The curriculum for these younger students is designed to help them form an understanding of the world and their relation to it through lessons and activities that encourage the development of their inner senses, such as intuition and imagination, along with important skills such as literacy, numeracy, arts and crafts.

These early years are when the children are actively discovering the world around them through their senses and growing faculties. Lesson subjects are therefore shaped to support this aspect of pupils’ growth and incorporate an abundance of physical and practical activities, which support this stage of development.

By the end of our Junior School, students leave us to go on to a range of respected destinations. By the summer of their 9th year, children have been supported by The London Acorn School through the heart of childhood. At the end of Year 4, we bridge them to a gentle preparation for secondary school for Year 5 and 6 at our sibling school, Hall School Wimbledon (ages 9 – 18).