Big on adventure, low on tech

The London Acorn School has a broad curriculum which allows for children to engage in deep learning. The school is located in the beautiful heart of Morden Hall Park giving the children of South London an experience of education within the countryside whilst also nesting right in the capital of our country.

We take full advantage of our location, totally exploiting any opportunity that being active in nature allows for children’s personal developments and in turn it provides our pupils with an understanding of adventure, risk-taking and overall environmental education.

craft background

Technology Free Schools

The creative curriculum that The London Acorn School adopts, allows for our pupils to harness and develop their creativity along with their imagination. Our academic curriculum both challenges and supports the children and the environment and the principles we have donned for our pupils promote them to utilise creativity and become more imaginative even while having minimal amounts of technology present.

The London Acorn School pride themselves in their lack of need for technology usage in the classroom. One of the biggest challenges faced with a low technology school is keeping the pupils engaged within class time. Our staff present pupils with plenty of opportunities to distract from the modern tech world through woodwork rooms, working on projects or even in the River Wardle during forest sessions.

As pupils progress into the further years of their education (year 6 onwards) we utilise technology simply to support and enhance learning, simply to ensure that all of our children are prepped and ready for their senior school years.

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