A school that values the importance of nature to our community

At The London Acorn School, every student spends time in nature. Each child, whether in our Parent and Toddler group called Acorn Adventurers, our Kindergarten, or our Junior School, have weekly – if not daily – opportunities to explore the surrounding grounds of our nature-based school in Morden Hall Park.

Acorn Adventurers spend time with bunting strewn between the trees, sharing seasonal songs and crafts, and enjoying restorative calming time together as families.

The Kindergarten classes enjoy a walk to what is affectionately known as the ‘Kindi Tree’, where the children hang their hammocks, tie their ropes and dig, build and create together.

The Junior children develop practical skills as they embark upon an environmental education journey. This is a gentle program in which the pupils learn through play and discovery. The children learn about the biodiversity of the park, caring for the environment and develop bushcraft skills, such as fire lighting and wood whittling.

All our children have the opportunity to work in our school allotment alongside teachers and parents, which is part of our curriculum as well as extracurricular provision.

In an age when mental health is a prevalent worry, the simplicity of spending time as a community in nature builds resilience in our young people, which is one of the shared beliefs at The London Acorn School.

Children roasting marshmallows outdoors, at our nature-baed school in London
A picture of sunrise, with a child playing at our nature-based school

If you are interested to know more about our setting and the style of education we provide, please book a visit – we’d love to show you around!

Nature-based Preschool London

Join Acorn Adventures on a relaxed nature walk learning about life in the park along the way. With fun discoveries, craft activities, themed games, storied and songs, let’s start your lifelong love of the outdoors with The London Acorn School in Morden Hall Park.

Pupil playing outdoors, at our nature based school located in Morden Hall Park
A student playing outdoors in our forest, at our nature-based school

Nature-based Nursery London

The London Acorn School Kindergarten forms a bridge between home and school, creating a secure and unhurried environment for children aged 3.5 to 6 years that is safe, warm and loving. Our Kindergartens are mixed age groups, which provide a traditional large family atmosphere, helping children to acquire social and emotional skills through experience, imitation and learning through play.

Our pupils playing outdoors, made possible by our nature-based approach

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