Rudolf Steiner School

The London Acorn School is a premium Rudolf Steiner education setting which teaches its students in an alternative fashion to become uniquely-qualified thinkers, innovators and creators.

Steiner School London

Progressive schools provide a development-first appropriate, academically rigorous method of teaching children. In our Little acorns, Kindergarten, Lower & Middle school environments you will see your children partake in a perfect balance of cognitive and emotional classes with physical activity. Each subject within our curriculum integrates the art of being practical with academic tasks – this progressive educational approach to learning inspires our pupils to talk about and embrace school, becoming life-long learners in the process.

Waldorf School UK

When you see the phrase “Waldorf School” you might be left a little bit bewildered. Waldorf Schools are alternative, or progressive learning schools based on the educational model developed by Rudolf Steiner. A Waldorf School embraces pupils imagination when it comes to planning out the learning curriculum, The London Acorn School doesn’t believe in traditional schools who cram children full of homework and repetitive testing, we take a holistic approach to the development and behaviour of pupils through focusing on artistic skills & intellectual development (read more about creative schools).

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