Rudolf Steiner School

The London Acorn School is influenced by Steiner Waldorf pedagogy, particularly in the Kindergarten, marrying the best elements of Steiner education with the National Curriculum to develop our students into open-minded learners, critical thinkers, imaginative entrepreneurs and happy individuals.

If you are interested to know more about our setting and the style of education we provide, please book a visit – we’d love to show you around!

Steiner School London

Progressive schools seek to teach children based on child development and age appropriate learning. In our Acorn Adventurers, Kindergarten, Junior School settings, children are equally encouraged in academic areas as they are creatively, physically and socially and emotionally. The London Acorn School provides a balanced education that nurtures and stimulates children to reach their potential.

Waldorf School UK

Waldorf Schools are alternative, or progressive learning schools based on the educational model developed by Rudolf Steiner. A Waldorf School embraces pupils imagination throughout the curriculum.

The London Acorn School has a holistic approach to education and benefits from the inspiration it takes from Steiner education and Waldorf schools, alongside other pedagogies and styles of education (read more about creative schools).