Nursery in Wimbledon

The nursery at The London Acorn School which is our School Kindergarten is situated in an idyllic location in Morden Cottage in Morden Hall Park.

The children enjoy a safe, natural and stimulating environment. Our Steiner based nursery environment promotes imagination, exploration, curiosity and an adventurous early childhood.

Whilst we follow the early years curriculum, which is a legal requirement for all early years settings, we are free to interpret this to meet the goals of both the early years curriculum and the Steiner Waldorf approach. Our holistic approach allows us to meet the needs of each child to support them mentally, spiritually, academically and physically. At The London Acorn School each child is an individual and all the children are members of The London Acorn Family.

A day In TLAS Kindergarten

After being greeted by our Kindergarten teachers all our children begin the day with circle time, sharing a song, actions and movement. The rhythm of the seasons is imparted to all the children through songs and stories and the tone of the day is set.

A typical day might include a hands-on project in the morning that is designed to develop useful skills and independence, such as gardening or cooking. The smells of delicious soup or bread often permeate the cottage. Meals are taken around one large table, with children practising taking it in turns to share their news or discussing a guided topic as a group. On any given day the children are involved in music, woodwork, art and making and mending toys.

Morden Hall Park is a wonderful resource for all our children and the children take a daily walk to what the children refer to affectionately as the ‘Kinde tree’. Hammocks and ropes are strewn between branches and digging, and den building is a part of the daily exploration of nature. Firm friendships are forged, as are the abilities to cooperate, negotiate and communicate well. The opportunities for our children to engage daily with nature is one of the cornerstones of our early years’ education.

Children remain in our Kindergarten until they are six years old and they enjoy a wonderful engaging exciting curriculum before joining our Class One. Careful transition ensures that our Kindergarten ‘graduates’ are eager to learn and the delayed start is certainly no barrier to academic, social and emotional development.

A TLAS pupil is confident, secure, eloquent and a critical thinker and this journey begins in our Kindergarten.

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Our warm and special little group for youngers in the Wimbledon area begins with a creative playtime in our ‘home from home’ kindergarten. This is where children can enjoy themselves with more natural and simple play materials. Our activities include playing seasonal songs and singing verses, freshly cooked snack, hot drinks and a seasonal puppet show, along with making seasonal crafts.

If you would like, parents can take advantage of our one-off taster sessions for parents/carers in Wimbledon with small children.

Children must be accompanied by their parent/carer throughout all sessions.

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