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Tuesday 9th January Children Return to School Welcome back to all children!
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Friday 19th January


Class Reps Meeting Looking forward to meeting with Class Reps in person to discuss suggestions and ideas for the school. Please email Zoe any questions or comments beforehand at zoe@thelondonacornschool.co.uk
Friday 19th January


Open Day We will be welcoming prospective families to tour around our school and meet our staff to learn more about education at The London Acorn School.

Welcome from our Headteacher

Dear families and friends of The London Acorn School,

Welcome back to school and the Spring Term, when the evenings become lighter and we battle through the cold to wonderful inspiring Spring growth.

Thanks to our wonderful staff team, we have so many exciting projects to look forward to: from an older children’s workshop on green entrepreneurial skills, to new art lessons for younger children with fantastic, experienced practitioner Doug Shaw, to making plans for a den week for all, culminating in our school hall being filled with a wealth of imaginatively themed dens.

Meanwhile, our workshop offerings for parents and carers are in constant growth and development. Please check out our weekly Nutshell diary dates for the latest events upcoming and book places early.

As we return to school, it is really important that children have the right equipment for muddy breaks and woodland crafts. The most essential items are a pair of wellington boots, labelled with their name in clear marker, to the right size for comfort and standard knee height (not the short ankle boot design). 

As cold weather comes in, please also ensure that your children have hats, scarves and gloves as well as waterproof trousers and coats. In the very rare event that snow prevents school from going ahead, upon the combined advice of National Trust and the Met Office, a general message will appear on our website and our school community will be notified via email. If neither of these things happens, this means that we are sticking by our commitment to continue to provide a wonderful education for your children day in, day out.

Warmest wishes,


Announcements, Reminders and Important Information


We would like to welcome Eleanor in Rose Kindergarten and Vidhaan in Willow Class to our school this term. We hope that you and your families feel really at home at The London Acorn School.


In this new Nutshell section, we answer frequently asked questions, notes and queries on all aspects of school life. This week we explore the topic of classroom and breaktime behaviour culture at The London Acorn School. The emphasis of our school culture is on respect and positive language. Please find a brief Q&A on this topic by clicking here: Q&A_January 2024_behaviour and culture.


Our older students will be learning about making programmable components and products and we will start by making moodlights. A number of supermarkets sell food products in small opaque tubs. If you have any of these hanging around in your recycling, please do bring them in and we will put them to use in this project.


If your child has a health condition, please make sure that the details we hold in the office are up to date and that all medicines we hold are in date. Please note that we cannot dispense any medicine to children that does not have an official prescription dosage label on it and an accompanying form authorising us to give to your child.


Please find attached at the end of this newsletter our Spring Calendar 2024.

We will be sharing more details about upcoming events in our weekly newsletter from January onwards, so keep reading to keep abreast with all the exciting and important things going on at The London Acorn School.

TERM DATES 2024-25:

Please take a look at our Term Dates webpage for newly released 2024-25 term dates.

Follow this link here: https://thelondonacornschool.co.uk/education-overview/term-dates/

Poetry Corner

A wonderful poem from Milla, which she presented at our Winter Concert and which features in the children’s poetry anthology This is Me!

The Wolf in Me 

by Milla Sienkiewicz (Chestnut, Year 5) 


In and out 

In and out 

The fierce wolf runs through the forest. 


Out and in 

Out and in 

The beautiful wolf’s eyes are made out  

Of all the stars in the world. 


The magical wolf has a heart made out of all the stars 

In the universe. 


When the wolf runs through water, she feels calm and gives peace. 


When she runs through fire she feels fury and attacks anyone she sees. 


When she runs through ice she calms down. 


When she runs through shadow she becomes very brave. 


When she becomes tired she curls up and goes to sleep.

Spring Calendar 2024

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