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Wednesday 6th December

(all morning)

Children only event

Juniors’ Christmas Theatre Trip ‘Tis the season to go to the theatre! We are very excited to go to the Polka Theatre to watch The Snow Queen.

We are still awaiting a few consent forms to be completed. Please find the consent form here: https://forms.office.com/e/dG3KmYAMhE 

Wednesday 6th December

(in school)

Children only event

Kindergarten Christmas Storytelling Experience We are delighted to welcome our Christmas storyteller, Chris Connaughton, back to Kindergarten for another popular festive experience!

Next week

Event Details
Thursday 14th December

(2:30 pm)

All parents welcome

Junior School Concert followed by TLAS Festive Community Celebration Parents welcome to attend our magical Junior School Singing Concert led by Merton Music Foundation in the Hall.

Please join us for mulled drinks and mince pies afterwards to celebrate the end of term and festive season.

Friday 15th December

(1 pm)

No after school clubs

End of Term From all of us here at The London Acorn School, we wish you a very Merry Christmas and a peaceful festive season.

We look forward to welcoming you back in the New Year on Tuesday 9th January.

Welcome from our Headteacher

As you know, we had our winter garden spiral last Thursday and I am so proud of the children. We did this festival over two sessions, the first with all juniors and the second with all kindergarten children. Both events opened with a quiet and darkened room with a glorious spiral of greenery. Each child walked through the spiral to light their candle in a protective glass holder and then place it on the spiral, lighting the way down into the heart of winter. Not one child breathed a word as each of their classmates took their turn, instead everyone watched as the spiral of lights grew brighter and brighter whilst our very talented teaching assistant, Lily, played guitar softly and calmly.

Every year, the abilities of even very young children to take part in this special festival astound staff. They retain the essence of calm waiting, often keeping silent through class afterwards, and their quiet contentment fills the school. We hope that they also took a little bit of that feeling home to you. When they are a little lost to themselves amidst the hectic run up to mid winter festivities, please do try to invoke the winter garden spiral atmosphere by reminding them of how wonderful they were.

However, sometimes their nervous systems are quite frankly, too overloaded so then only physical activity will do. We use stamping a lot at school, pushing the limbs to feel resistance. Walking on all fours like a bear is a good one, but remember to help children refrain from aggressive bear behaviour by giving those bears a mission, like kindly gathering food for their bear cubs.

Have a wonderful last few weeks of term,



Médecins Sans Frontières

Our parent community is doing a TLAS community winter fundraiser for the essential work of Médecins Sans Frontières. Here is the link if you wish to contribute:


Announcements, Reminders and Important Information


Please see the timetable for extra-curricular clubs for Spring Term 2024 below.

An email will be sent with a link for you to sign up to clubs on Monday 4th December at 5pm.

Some clubs are fee-paying and some are complimentary.


Thank you to our whole community for their generous donations to Sutton Foodbank from our Harvest Festival last half term. It really makes a difference!


In order for the school to be deep cleaned over the holiday period, please can all belongings be taken home, including waterproofs and wellie boots, to be washed and/or cleaned at home before the new term begins. Please make sure your child returns to school on Tuesday 9th January with their full set of waterproofs, boots and spare clothes, clearly labelled. Thank you, much appreciated.


We have had a few circumstances when children are still bringing nuts into school, including peanut butter. It is important that we create an environment where everybody is safe at school, so please support us by providing your child with nut alternatives (tahini is a great substitute for peanut butter). Thank you.


Email Coach Jody at CoachJody01@gmail.com to book on to his exciting Christmas Camp based at The London Acorn School (£45 per day).

Kindergarten News

There was a jolly atmosphere in Kindergarten last week.

On Tuesday, together with Willow Class, we made a big star as we practiced singing an advent song, then we counted all the way to 180 for the star to go to sleep. We have been busy rolling beeswax candles, decorating advent calendars and making candle holders using salt dough. There were not enough rolling pins and cookie cutters for everyone, however, this provided wonderful opportunities for children to learn to ask for the tools and to share.

The most wonderful sight of the week must be children building giant buildings together, where everyone in the class has a room to rest. There was even a fireplace to keep us warm. This spirit then spilled into every corner of the classroom with some children running a food delivery service in the kitchen area and pet owners walking their pets around the house…etc. Some children had fun running a hair salon and some were pirates sailing on a big ship. We looked into different 2D shapes and tried to find them in the classroom.

Leaves of the golden tree have all fallen down. As Grace said, “but under the trees they have made a golden carpet!” Children were keen to climb lower trees around this area and excited about Jack Frost’s visit. We greeted the first frost with the vivid impression of the light and warmth that we experienced in our winter garden festival!

Junior School News

It’s been assessment week for the Juniors, which they have taken on in their stride. Alongside these academic tests, there’s been lots of craft activities to breathe out and relax.

Willow Class have been hard at work with their Maths practice in the back garden, tangibly and actively adding and subtracting. They have also combined their learning about healthy eating in Science with their wet-on-wet painting skills in Art, by painting vegetables, painting with vegetables, painting on vegetables!

Birch Class have taken beeswax candle rolling to a whole new level with their intricate designs, a lovely warming and gentle activity at this time of year.

Inspired by Year 9 students from HSW performing a few weeks ago, Chestnut and Oak Classes have been preparing for an assembly on what it means to be a bystander and will share about tricky social situations through role play with the rest of the school.

Woodland Craft News

Willow Class

Although it was chilly, the heavy rain eased off, and we took a light pack, walking along the Wandle and the boardwalk, feeling lucky to see the bulrush seedheads ‘like sausages!’ and big waterbirds close up.*   Stopping on the way back for a game of ‘bat and moth’, it was lovely to see the children laughing so much, and back at the woodland site it was fun too, making sounds and boats with wood while drinking hot chamomile and honey tea.

*Canada geese, Egyptian geese, Little Egret, moorhens and mallards.

Birch Class 

It was a golden afternoon for Birch Class. Crafts included wreaths and decorations, one made to hang over a baby’s cot, as well as inventively designed little creatures. Foraging skills were honed by the team creating a woodland café and pharmacy, which we all visited on our way back to school. Big and inclusive games went on, with the usual winter tea and a skeleton game with flour skeletons discovered all around  – what animal was this? – bird, fish or mammal?

Chestnut and Oak Classes

Again, bright weather, but at 6 degrees, very cold. We saw robins, magpies, parakeets and heard other birds. One pupil spotted a big dragonfly larva, to our delight, in the stream sample we’d collected. Also of course several water shrimps, and little wrigglers. All this gave inspiration for inventing new freshwater invertebrates, printed using fruit and root pieces on paper. It was slightly warmer standing up on logs, so we ended with ‘the Lava game’ along with hot tea.

Extra-curricula Clubs Spring Term 2024

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