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Thursday 30th November

(all day)

Children only event

Advent Spiral Festival Our annual magical festival of light, anticipation and wonder for our Kindergarten and Juniors to enjoy throughout the day.

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Wednesday 6th December

(all morning)

Children only event

Juniors’ Christmas Theatre Trip ‘Tis the season to go to the theatre! We are very excited to go to the Polka Theatre to watch The Snow Queen. This consent form (https://forms.office.com/e/dG3KmYAMhE) and payment details were emailed to parents last week. Please complete as soon as possible, thank you.
Wednesday 6th December

(in school)

Children only event

Kindergarten Christmas Storytelling Experience We are delighted to welcome our Christmas storyteller, Chris Connaughton, back to Kindergarten for another popular festive experience!

Welcome from our Headteacher

This week, we start our preparations for the spiral down into the heart of winter. On Thursday morning, we will start the day with a candlelit winter garden spiral, where each child in our school will enter a spiral of greenery and place a candle to light the path to the heart of the season, leaving space for each child to quietly think on how their families mark the winter solstice time, whether with Christmas, Yule, Hannukka or a simple midwinter walk. This is a very beautiful moment for the children and will be held in complete silence, quietly and with class teachers and teaching assistants only. We will of course share pictures. To support this please can you make sure that your child is dressed in clothing that does not sweep or trail on Thursday, and ensure they have a quiet evening to digest the living picture of a swirl of light.

Our family event for winter celebrations will be two weeks later and  filled with joyful song, as our students showcase their musical voice skills in a very special midwinter concert by candlelight on Thursday 14th December at 2.30pm. Please feel free to invite other family members along as this will be a very special occasion.

As we near the end of term, we will be saying warm goodbyes to some dear old friends and friendly welcomes to new ones and we are also planning for the year ahead. Our big project for Spring term will be the back garden, where we are starting by renewing the fence by the river, including some interactive elements for children’s play. If you are interested in hearing more about this, please do not hesitate to ask Emily, Zoe or myself – we are very excited about our outside spaces for 2024.

Best wishes,


Announcements, Reminders and Important Information

Extra-curricular Clubs Spring Term 2024:

Please see the timetable for extra-curricular clubs for Spring Term 2024 below.

An email will be sent with a link for you to sign up to clubs on Monday 4th December at 5pm.

Some clubs are fee-paying and some are complimentary.

Recorder and Flute Practice:

Please follow these links for the recorder and flute songs that are currently being taught in school, if you wish to support your child’s practise at home:

Recorder Practice

Flute Practice

Morden Hall Park Festive Late Night Opening Times:

The Garden Centre has 3 consecutive Thursdays where the shop will be open to 8pm for late night shopping – with special events inside!  This will be on 30 November,  7 December, and 14 December.  On these nights, the car park will remain fully open until 8pm.

Coach Jody’s Bokkie Sports Christmas Camp:

Email Coach Jody at CoachJody01@gmail.com to book on to his exciting Christmas Camp based at The London Acorn School (£45 per day).

Kindergarten News

On our daily walk in the park, children have noticed that on some of the trees, the leaves have nearly all fallen off and the holly berries have turned into a bright red colour. It has been a great joy for us discovering mushrooms here and there, but gradually they are covered by the brown leaves. We’re transitioning from the remaining warmth in late autumn into the first chill in winter. After lunch, some children become a little reluctant to go outside. We sometimes have 10 minutes of book reading, puppet show or lying down to prepare them for the outdoor time.

In the kinde rooms, apart from the ever-popular family and prince and princess themes, we saw a lot of shops and camping tents; a pregnant woman giving birth to her baby; and Santa on the sleigh with his reindeer. We started making our advent calendars and introduced an advent song. Children loved playing different roles in the song as we sing along. Before story time, they like to prepare the props for re-enacting the story. We love role-play in kinde; it enriches our lives’ experiences with fun!

Junior School News

Huge praise for Willow Class going on their first school trip last week to Wimbledon’s Buddhist Temple. All the staff were so proud of how respectful you were to the Buddhist monks and how considerately you behaved in a religious site. Well done. We can’t wait to go on more school trips with you now!

Birch Class have made great progress with their writing this term, not only the quantity and quality of their writing, but their presentation, too. It is very impressive to see Year 3 children writing in cursive handwriting with such care and attention given to their work. What’s more, it was lovely to see the class enjoying nostalgic Kinde soup, made by one of the parents, on Friday lunchtime – how far they have come from those Kinde days…

Chestnut Class have been tackling short division with remainders, which demands quick application of all times tables. Our new times table homework booklets will be helping with that! In Literacy, students have been improving their writing by learning how to use relative clauses effectively and in Humanities, we’ve been finding out what tricks Loki gets up to!

Oak Class became really interested in last terms’ topic, World War I, but by the look of things, they are enjoying their new topic, Our Wonderful World, just as much. They’ve begun by making their own scaled version of the Earth, creating the different layers underneath the surface with a mixture of bicarbonate soda and cornflour.

Woodland Craft News

Willow Class

We talked about hibernation – what is it? Who does it? Concluding that it is a winter sleep, and hedgehogs are one of the hibernating animals. Making teasel hedgehogs followed, as well as peeling and sawing sticks, mud kitchen and mud painting activities, and we ended with two children using the fire-steel to light fairy fires in scallop shells.

Birch Class 

‘The Dragon head is gone! ‘ – the craggy half-rotted mass of fallen willow trunk still gets a lot of interest, providing sawdust soup this week. After examining some sections of elder wood, thinking of how it’s core can be hollowed out and what that could be good for, one student tried to make a flute, but adapted this challenging plan to a fishing rod, complete with spool and a long line to cast. Lots of stories were shared as we whittled and sawed.

Chestnut and Oak Classes

There was just an hour for outdoor time after the Buddhist Temple visit, so they began with vigorous tree-climbing, moving on to den-making, their own balancing games, and a good chat about the concept of animism along with tea at the end.

Extra-curricula Clubs Spring Term 2024

Updated Autumn 2023 Calendar

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