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Thursday 15th June

(afternoon in-school)

Sailing for Hazel, Chestnut and Oak Children

Sailing at Wimbledon Park will be taking place in school. Children will return to school in time for afterschool clubs.

Friday 16th June


Sports (Bonding) Day

A morning of sports activities for children and their parents followed by outdoor picnic lunch. Please complete the form sent last week to let us know whether you will be attending.

Next week Event Details

Tuesday 20th June

(in school event)

Midsummer Festival The sun is at it’s highest, the day is at it’s longest. The sun is calling us out to gather and play!

Thursday 22nd June

(afternoon in-school)

Sailing for Hazel, Chestnut and Oak Children Sailing at Wimbledon Park will be taking place in school. Children will return to school in time for afterschool clubs.

Friday 23rd June


Junior School Concert Families, come and listen to what the Junior School have been working on in their Samba Drumming lessons this term.

Welcome from our Headteacher

Welcome to the second week of Summer II!

Summer is naturally such an outward looking time for all of us; a time of outdoor parties and picnics, with trips to meet new people in the UK and elsewhere. Our emphasis for the students is on building skills in verbal articulacy and oracy. In our school play, highly anticipated for the final week of term, you will get to see some results with our young actors. Last Friday, it was the chance of visiting families to hear and see our children with the Open Day tours.

The feedback comments from visiting families were so positive regarding students that they saw active in the classroom and guiding on tours (with floating senior staff throughout to ensure that everyone felt comfortable). We gave visiting families an opportunity to write down their thoughts on the event. Here is a small selection from the many comments regarding our students:

‘You were very informative and answered all our questions”; “we liked your friendly calm and clear explanations”; “thank you for a fantastic tour”; “you spoke very clearly and you shared your love of your school”; “thank you for making us feel so welcome – we loved meeting you”.

I am so very proud of how polite, welcoming and impressive all of students were that day. Representatives from all junior school classes took part in the tours and rose to the challenge.

This Friday, you will have the opportunity to see our students in physical action at our Sports Day. There they will meet the challenge of trying new skills and equipment, as well as to play with more familiar items, and to show their resilience and ingenuity in doing so. It will be great fun and all families are welcome to support, eat their picnics with us and take part in some sporting activity from 11am for Junior School and 12.30 for Kindergarten.

We all look forward to seeing you there,


Announcements, Reminders and Important Information


  • Please reply to the Sports Day form sent last week to let us know whether or not you will be attending on Friday 16th June: https://forms.office.com/e/6bKLNh91BX
  • With these hot, sunny days, please make sure your child is provided with sunhat, water bottle and suncream applied before coming to school.

Exciting opportunities:

Kindergarten News

Oh golden sun so shining bright, please warm us with your golden light.
Let’s join our hands so that a stream may flow with warmth and golden glow.
Upon their return from May Half Term holiday, children were delighted to see that our nature table has changed to a seaside theme. They happily shared what the families did during the holiday and seamlessly settling back to the school routine. This week, most children seem to have found their own comfortable places in Kindergarten, playing well together and enjoys the activities offered.
The grass near Kinde Tree area has grown very tall. Kids like to tread a path through long grass, flatten some grass to form pockets of bases for their games. They also engage themselves in finding the increasing varieties of insects and flowers amongst the grass. Inside the classroom, clay modelling is definitely the most popular activity of the week.
We celebrated Alexander’s Kinde Birthday. Happy Birthday, Alex!

Junior School News

Willow Class have been learning about the Earth’s relationship with the Moon and the Sun, beginning by asking questions such as, how was the moon made and why does the moon move around the Earth?

Hazel Class have been finishing their Science Topic of Digestion by taking part in a hands-on recreation of the digestion system, involving tights, Kinde bread, a potato masher and orange juice. One student commented, “this is the best experiment TLAS has ever done”. It was definitely one we won’t forget!

Oak Class have been introduced to the letters of the Greek Alphabet and, in preparation for study of the modern Olympics, they have been looking at the stories behind the ancient Olympic games. The Ancient Greek strategies of war were also discussed, whilst in mathematics students consolidated their knowledge of negative numbers and moved onto accurate drawing of 2D shapes using compasses.

What’s more, take a look at a couple of examples of Chestnut and Oak’s  ICT Scratch Projects:

Woodland Craft

Willow Class

Barkie had requested gardens for the tiny creatures in the woods, so after finding several pictures of them dotted around, the children got to work! The results are now safely in the school garden where we’ll observe them each week. Some students made a wonderful den to play in, and others decorated or spun sticks and enjoyed relaxing with the magnifiers and an old log full of ants. Best comment this week ‘It’s a different weevil !’Hazel Class

For the theme of invertebrate relationships, some children chose to make a butterfly feeder. Several began by shuffling across the stream on a log, and other explorations included making a raft, a potion, a den, playing with the diverse sounds of metal bowls filled with water, and some tree climbing.

Chestnut and Oak Classes

In addition to catching up on our ‘plant calendar’ work in the sunshine, the students prepared and ate the seasonal treat of elderflower fritters, or played their own games, some enjoying shuffling along the pole crossing the stream and getting pretty muddy !

Summer Term Calendar 2023

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