Here is a short video about how to make a wool caterpillar using the basic wet felting technique.
You will need a piece of wool preferably green for the caterpillar’s body and a little soapy water. You can find white wool to make the body and green wool to cover it inside the bag you took home.
First, gently water your hands and the wool. Watering the wool helps open up the scales of the wool.
Then start rolling the wool with your hands with very fine and soft movements.
At this stage try not to squeeze it at all. In the meantime keep adding some soapy water to the wool and your hands. Nicely and gently first.
After a little time you can start rolling and squeezing the wool at the same time.
It is ready when the wool has a nice and firm cylinder shape.
When it is dry you can cover it with white wool which would look like a cocoon.
You can create all kinds of things once you learn how to wet felt wool pieces.
Enjoy it!