A bath time story poem that connects to the ‘10 Little Fishies’ Poem – it uses
imaginative humour to encourage a child to be washed all over at bath time. You can
change ‘father’ to ‘mother’ and ‘mermaid’ to ‘merman’ if this suits better.

This poem is taken from my ebook: A SPOONFUL OF STORIES #4: Everyday
Challenges – Toilet Training, Bath Time, Tidy Up and Mealtimes

I have a secret room where my water friends play,
But they only like to visit at the end of every day.
When I’m dirty all over and need a good long bath,
My water friends join in – oh, how they make me laugh!

First my father (mother) turns the tap and water fills the tub,
Then my water friends arrive to play rub-a-dub-dub.
We do rub-a-dub-dubbles, and make lots of bubbles,
Then rub-a-dub dame and play the washing game.

We wash my fishy fingers, and wash my fishy toes,
We tickle my long whale back and splash my dolphin’s nose.
My octopus legs need a good hard scrub,
So up and down we go, with a rub-a-dub-dub.

My octopus arms like to flip and flop and splash
They seem to wash themselves, with a rub-a-dub-dash.
And then, sometimes, but only if I dare,
I dunk my head right under and wash my mermaid (merman) hair.

At the end of fun and play, I pull out the plug,
And the water starts to drain right out of the tub.
With a swirling and a whirling, around and around,
My friends disappear with a goodbye gurgling sound.

I say a big thank you as I climb out of the bath,
I love this secret place where my friends make me laugh.
And now it’s time to dry myself and get ready for the night,
Another day will follow soon, with fun and play so bright.