Hello everyone!

Tomato based vegetable soup is one of the most heart warming comfort foods. It is nutritious, not difficult to make and can use up many types of vegetables in your fridge. If the members of your family do not like to chew the bits in the soup, you can fish the bay leaves out and liquidise it.


*This recipe serves 4 people as a light meal

  • fresh tomato (medium size) x 3
  • chopped tinned tomato x ½ tin
  • potato (small size) x 3
  • carrot (medium size) x 2
  • onion (large) x 1
  • leaf of sweetheart cabbage x 3
  • celery stick x 2-3
  • a few springs of parsley
  • a couple of bay leaves
  • olive oil x 3 table spoons
  • bouillon x 1-2 table spoons
  • butter
  • salt and pepper


1. Before starting to chop the vegetables with your child, cut an X on the bottom of the fresh tomatoes, soak or cook them in boiling water for about 5 minutes. When the skin splits, lift the tomatoes out of the boiling water and peel the skin off. It might be a bit messy for younger children to cut tomatoes, but as they are soft to cut, it is possible for your child to practice cutting tomatoes with the protection of an apron.

2. Children can help peeling carrots and potatoes. You can then cut the vegetables into the sizes that are easier for children to handle. It is better that younger children avoid cutting onions. If older children want to try, remind them to keep their eyes not too close to the onion and not to touch their eyes or mouth after handling onions.

3. When cutting softer and thinner vegetables like cabbage and parsley, scissors are a good tool to use. Children need to be reminded the safe distance between fingers and scissors.

4. When all the vegetables are cut into small pieces, heat the pan, add olive oil, cook onions and carrots for a few minutes.

5. Add both types of tomatoes and bay leaves. Stir well and cook for another few minutes.

6. Add the potato, celery, cabbage, stir well, then add the bouillon, the stalks of the parsley and reasonable amount of water. Cook until all the vegetables are softened (can easily be mashed).

7. Before serving, add the leafy part of the parsley and a small block of butter (optional). Season with salt and/or pepper (,which might not be needed).

8. Serve the soup with the bread of your choice. (The bread shown in the picture is brioche bread.)

Bon appétit!