An important part of the Class Three Curriculum is the Old Testament stories. From these archetypal stories of ‘good verses evil’ the children get the majority of their English practice and Mathematical work (such as measurement and Noahs Ark tying together beautifully).

Our first week in Class Three has seen us exploring the first part of the Old Testament, Genesis and how the world was created.

The Jakob Streit story ‘And There Was Light’ tells the first essential part of Genesis in a very gentle, story like manner. Painting pictures of the Angels high in the cosmos working hard alongside their God Father to create a new world for sleeping human souls (little balls of light) that need a place to call their own.

The story begins with Lucifer’s fall from grace when he decides he wants to be a God, thus creating the lower and upper worlds.

It is between these two worlds that the God Father of the Angels speaks ‘Let there be light!’ and the creation of the Earth begins.

Lucifer’s Fall From Grace

Our first Class Three blackboard drawing was of Lucifer’s fall from grace. Deciding he wanted to be his own God, he gathered together some Angels to serve him.

When Michael found out about this he told their God Father who ordered that Lucifer’s heart be destroyed so that he might get a new one.

When Lucifer refused to destroy his old heart, Michael used his lightening sword of Light to cut Lucifer and all the Angels who were not loyal to their God Father from the heavens.

They fell into the darkness, staining and ripping their beautiful white robes in the fall. In the darkness they began to live. Their feathers fell from their wings and they built big fires to keep themselves warm.

The spirits (as they are no longer Angels) living in the darkness decided to try and build a mighty dragon to fight their way back into the heavens. After a great battle between good and evil, Michael used his lightening sword to destroy the dragon and cast the evil spirits out of Heaven.

Into the darkness they fell once again, to remain here forever with their new God, Lucifer.

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The First Day of Creation

Once all had settled between to worlds of light and darkness, the God Father of the Angels decided to build a new world between the two.

God Father of the Angels wanted to build a new world for little balls of light he called Human Souls.

Into this waste-less void the Angels flew, excited to help their father with his work.

On the first day of creation God said ‘Let there be light!’ and a bright light burst forth, filling the darkness aside!

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The Second Day of Creation

On the Second day of Creation, the earth was only fire and light.

It was a hot, bubbling furnace of firestorms and flames. “This new world is too warm” cried the Fire Angels as they worked hard to control the flames under the strong heat. “We must somehow cool this world if the sleeping human souls are to live here”.

God Father said “Let us create water to help cool the Earth” and the Water Angels pumped forth cooling water that hissed and steamed when meeting the flames.

Where the fire and water met the lava cooled, forming the first land/soil. However the water kept pouring forth from the Heavens. Soon the entire Earth was covered in water with the fire storms heating the air and the sky.

In the deep parts of the water was the first land, this gave God Father and his Angels a new idea.

We now have an above and below on the new Earth. Water below with air and firestorms above.

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The Third Day of Creation

There was a desire between the Plant Angels to create land above the ocean where plants and trees could grow.

One brave Angel flew to her God Fathers throne and asked God if he could create land and soil above the water, so that it might be planted with beauty of all manner. God Father agreed with the Angels idea and reached down into the newly created world.

With his right hand, he pushed down into the ocean. Doing this, mountains and land rose up around his hand with rivers and streams flowing back into the ocean.

With land above the sea, the Plant Angels planted the soil with all their amazing creations.

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