We know these are not normal times. Being a parent is hard but with the Coronavirus pandemic, the isolation, change and stress, parenting has reached a new level of intensity. In times like these, go easy on yourselves. We are all trying to find a new normal in exceptional circumstances and we will get through this, but not by trying to do everything, be everything or fill in all the gaps. 

Let go of perfection, do what you can when you can, take small steps and lower expectations. As equally important as making sure our children remain protected from the crisis around us is to make sure we are prioritising a little time to ourselves. When we care for ourselves we are more empathetic and patient, making us better parents​. ​So practice self care, carve some time out for you to be alone, even when it feels you cannot give a second to yourself.

We thought this is a short video that may be useful.

Below is a list with different self care strategies. Experiment, see what works best for you. If we miss something out that works for you, please share with the other parents.

  1. Maintain your social connections. Do things that help you stay connected to other adults.
  2. Meditate, practice mindfulness. Even just 5 minutes can make a difference to your day. We like anapp called Headspace​. ​Look it up and see if it is of interest to you.
  3. Spend time in Nature. A quick walk in the park, working in the garden, looking after your indoor plants or if none of it is possible, looking at landscape photos can be calming.
  4. Listen to music. Turn on your favourite song while getting ready for the day.
  5. Read a book or a magazine. Go to your room, leave the door open and take a quick break. If and when the children come, tell them they can play while you finish the chapter or the article.
  6. Write in a gratitude journal. Just three things a day you are grateful for. Think of the little things thatkeep us going through the day, such as the smell of that first cup of coffee or the happy voice of your child while singing a song.
  7. Unplug. One of the best ways to take a break. Create a digital and gadget free time everyday.
  8. Start a new hobby. Tackle DIY, sewing, painting, whatever it is that you want to explore.
  9. Exercise. Yoga, a lively dance session at home, anything that keeps you moving. Think of ways you can keep fit.
  10. Make lists. Time management is a bit of a struggle for most of us. So if you make lists, cross things out as they are completed and more importantly, YOU are the most important item on the list.
  11. Pamper yourself, a candlelit bath after the children are sleeping, do your nails, watch a repeat of your favourite series, whatever it is that rocks your boat.

Be kind to yourselves, parents. This will pass.