Class Three came together to make a Stone Soup for this years Harvest Festival.

Every child brought in a few vegetables to put towards our soup lunch for the next day.

With all our vegetables in our Class basket and our slow cooker ready to go, it was time to start making the soup!

Our colourful Stone Soup ingredients! Yum!

Washing our vegetables

Cleaning the carrots

Ready to begin chopping

The cutting, dicing and peeling begins

Vegetable cutting.

Everyone got to cut a little of everything

The onions, pumpkin and garlic were our biggest challenges to cut

Everything into the slow cooker

Washing up the chopping boards.

While the soups cooking, we clean our dishes.

Group washing up.
Drying chopping boards with a tea towel.

Washing and drying our dishes

Drying up chopping boards.

The next day we had fresh warm Dragon Bread (made by Class One and Two for us) and tasty Stone Soup

We shared out the soup and sat together as a Class family with Class Four

The soup was very popular with the students; with everyone happily cleaning their bowls.

Fresh warm bread and tasty Stone Soup

Every drop of soup was finished! It was very popular

Food recycling.

And all our peelings and scraps ended up in our Class allotment compost!