First we listened to a recorded version of this sweet and simple story about a little blue tit.
Our next step was to extend the imagination experience by drawing beautiful little blue tits of our own.

We left the backgrounds of our drawings blank so that we could fill it with words in order to create a word bank to assist us with our writing. We linked the creation of our word bank with previous lessons on parts of speech, therefore different words are shown in different colours.

Our next step was to plan our story using the story mountain format. We had printable story mountains, but some children recreated their own beautiful story mountains.

We created first drafts and then edited, paying special attention to capital letters, full stops, paragraphs and the use of direct speech (which we learned during lockdown). Children working toward mastery also edited for ‘wow’ words. We then focused on the beautiful presentation of our neat work. Here is an excerpt of one child’s final work.

Our next step will be to use this experience to create our own nature stories where each child will have their own story that they have made up themselves, rather than using a story written by someone else in order to learn the process and format.

Well done Class Three!