Overview of Class 5 German

Language teaching supports children to develop a positive attitude towards people of other cultures and languages and fosters a human understanding through empathy. In Class 5 (age 11) children should have formed a strong rhythmical memory and they can learn a lot at this age. We focus on cultivating the beauty of the language. For this it is important that the students enjoy the language lessons. We support this by involving the children and their creative imagination as much as possible when it comes to creating the lesson content. Grammar moves to more difficult to gasp topics, children can start writing more independently and a vocabulary book is introduced for a more conscious practice of words.

Werde ein Held,

zieh in die Welt,

steh mit der Wehr,

geh mit dem Speer.

Steig auf Dein Pferd,

Schwinge Dein Schwert.

Folge meinem Rat,

wirke die Tat.


Our German lessons start with a Verse appropriate to the age of the children. Teacher and children say this out loud together.

We started working on small sentences about ourselves while at school. At home the children were now asked to write about themselves with the help of a vocabulary list and then to translate into English.

Learning a language also includes learning about a different culture. In order to stimulate this at home the children were given different German recipes to cook and taste with their families.

Try to make traditional German Kartoffelpuffer (potato pancakes) or a marble cake (without the advocaat for children) at home now!

At the end of each German lesson we come together and say another verse.

Die sichere Erde unter mir,

Die strahlende Sonne über mir

Und hier stehe ich,

aufrecht und stark

um alle Dinge zu lernen und zu lieben.

What else we get up to in German Class: