Overview Class 1 German

Language teaching supports children to develop a positive attitude towards people of other cultures and languages and fosters a human understanding through empathy. In Class 1 children  take everything in a mood of wonder and empathy. Often the whole class will repeat verses and words chorally as one in order to learn new content. All that is learned is repeated thoroughly, so that by the end of year 1 all children have learned songs and verses with actions, finger games, are able to act on simple commands, can count up to 20 and have established a basic vocabulary including daily activities, body parts, colours, seasons and days of the week. The teacher delivers these topics through games, songs and verses. Often children do drawings in their book to associate their own image with a word.

Rein wie das feinste Gold,

fest wie ein Felsenstein,

ganz rein wie ein Kristall,

soll meine Seele sein.

Our German lessons start with a Verse appropriate to the age of the children. Teacher and children say this out loud together.

Learning a language also means learning about another culture. Here a class 1 child is eating home made German Kartoffelpuffer (potato pancakes). Click here to make these delicious German potato pancakes.

An easy game to make and play at home is this German colour memory. As you pick up a card you say the German colour.

At the end of each German lesson we come together and say another verse.

Sonne, Sonne komm hervor,

aus dem goldenen Himmelstor.

Strahle mich so lange an,

bis ich mit dir strahlen kann.

What else we get up to in German: