Overview Class 3 German

Language teaching supports children to develop a positive attitude towards people of other cultures and languages and fosters a human understanding through empathy. In Class 3 children develop a much stronger feeling for language. This includes meaning as well as pronunciation. The teachers prepares the children for the coming year and the introduction of literacy. Children start to be introduced to elements of grammar and recite tongue twisters and poems daily.

Rein wie das feinste Gold,

fest wie ein Felsenstein,

ganz rein wie ein Kristall,

soll meine Seele sein.

Our German lessons start with a Verse appropriate to the age of the children. Teacher and children say this out loud together.

One of the themes in Class 3 is the weather. While we were at school we learned the vocabulary for this through songs and games. At home the children now needed to copy the previously learned into their books an illustrate the sentences.

Learning a language also includes learning about a different culture. In order to stimulate this at home the children were given different German recipes to cook and taste with their families.

Try to make traditional German Kartoffelpuffer (potato pancakes) or a marble cake (without the advocaat for children) at home now!

At the end of each German lesson we come together and say another verse.

Sonne, Sonne komm hervor,

aus dem goldenen Himmelstor.

Strahle mich so lange an,

bis ich mit dir strahlen kann.

What else we get up to in German: