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The world is coping with an unprecedented
crisis. As we face the challenge of a world
pandemic, a great deal of emphasis has been
placed on health and the economy.
The coronavirus pandemic itself and
governments’ responses have had a
signifi cant impact on children around the
world. The United Nations Convention on the
Rights of the Child (UNCRC) identifi es the
fundamental needs of children, and these
include their right to play.
There is a need to support children’s right
to play at this time, so we have developed
the IPA Play in Crisis: support for parents
and carers resources.
Each page provides parents and carers with
information and ideas so they can support
their child’s play. We’ve included topics such
as the importance of playing in crisis, and how
to respond to children’s play needs, through
to issues that parents may be concerned
about, like children playing with diffi cult
themes of loss, death and loneliness.
The International Play Association recognises
playing as a basic and vital part of the
pleasure of childhood. We also see it as an
essential part of all aspects of children’s
development. During crisis, play has a
signifi cant therapeutic role, helping children
recover a sense of normality and joy.
The mission of the IPA is to protect, preserve
and promote the child’s right to play as
a fundamental human right. We hope this
resource will help fulfi l that mission, and
we encourage you to share it widely
throughout your networks.
Together, we can ensure our children have
the opportunities to play that are essential
for them to thrive.
Robyn Monro Miller
President, IPA
April 2020