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Monday 25th March Ready, Steady, Read assembly Sara from Osborne Books will be visiting us in our Junior assembly to deliver £950 worth of new books that we have all raised for the school!

Tuesday 26th March

Wimbledon BookFest

Author Talk for Oak and Chestnut

We are delighted to be returning to Wimbledon BookFest as part of this term’s focus on the culture of reading. Oak and Chestnut pupils will be listening to Tolà Okogwu discuss her latest book Onyeka and the Secret Superhero.

A consent form has been sent to parents: https://forms.office.com/e/dZBitAXnra

Wednesday 27th March

Whole School Easter Egg Hunt We had such fun last year finding clues around Morden Hall Park and enjoying a tasty end of term treat that we can’t wait to do the same again this year.
Wednesday 27th March End of Spring Term From all us here at The London Acorn School, we wish you a very happy Easter Holiday and look forward to seeing you for the start of the Summer Term on Tuesday 16th April 2024.
First week after Easter Holidays Event

Monday 15th April

Inset Day for Staff No school for children
Tuesday 16th April Children return to school All children to return to school.
Friday 19th April Parent Workshop at 8:35am Come and join Sarah to find out more about the Rubicon and how to work with the profound changes in childhood around age 9.

A booking form for the workshop will be sent after the holidays.

Friday 19th April Kindergarten and Junior Class Photos Weather permitting, Kindergarten and Junior Class Photos will be taken outside. Please can we ask that all children follow our school dress code for this day, just like any other day.

Welcome from our Headteacher


There are some weeks that seem more colourful than others and this last week was one of them. Pinks of magnolia and drifts of cherry blossom are everywhere. The promise of Spring is at last becoming real just in time for Easter.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all staff for the immense hard work that they exerted for the children this term. Martin has produced some amazing play resources that everyone is enjoying in the garden whilst we wait for the big garden overhaul that will take place this summer. The children have spent a lot of time playing together with new large wooden blocks and walking stilts. The action to walk on these will be recognised as great for regulation through the sensory system by those who attended the workshop given in the first half of the term.

Meanwhile, the Birch Class presentation of the play of Francis and the Wolf of Gubbio was a testament to Stacey’s hard work with her group and all Junior Classes gave it all they’ve got with flute and recorders at our Spring Concert on Friday.

We had Chatsworth Governors in for a visit, including making class observations last week. This means four professionals seasoned over many years in school leadership, their comments centred around how engaged our children are in their learning and how beautifully quiet the school is in lesson time, with so many children in a state of flow. I was really proud to show them around.

The colours of the season inspire me to wish Happy Holi to all who celebrate this beautiful colour festival today, and best wishes to all families looking forward in anticipation to Easter and Eid.

Best wishes,

P.S: Our grow spaces look amazing, thanks to all family volunteers who worked on these. We are looking forward to filling them with tasty veg next term!

Announcements, Reminders and Important Information


From all of us here at The London Acorn School, we would like to say a heartfelt goodbye and thank you to Karin Jashapara for all that you have provided for the children with their Woodland Craft education. You have been such an asset to the school and taught us all so much; your legacy will live on. We wish you all the best for your new creative ventures.

We will be announcing a new Forest School Teacher after the Easter Holidays.

We would also like to bid farewell to Joel and Tess Huen, who are relocating. We have really enjoyed teaching you both and would love to hear from you once you have settled. All the best for your future learning journeys!


Please all belongings home to wash on Wednesday, including outdoor gear. We will clear out the bootroom and cloakrooms on Wednesday so Aneta our housekeeper can give them a deep clean.


Thank you to our lovely parent community who kindly helped tidy up our growing spaces on Friday so that the children can start planting in the Summer Term.


Please find the Summer Term Calendar at the end of this Nutshell for all the exciting events coming this way.


Another exciting  and local opportunity for our reading-enthusiastic children. Join Jacqueline Wilson at the Polka Theatre on Friday 26th April at 17:30pm.

For more information, follow this link: Polka An evening with Jacqueline Wilson at Polka Theatre


Merton Music Foundation will be hosting its popular ‘Hands On’ event where children aged 7+ can try a range of brass, woodwind, guitar, singing, accordion and string instruments in a fun and relaxed environment, to help decide which one is right for them.

Saturday 20 April, 9:45am – 11am and 10:45am – 12pm at Merton Music Centre, South Wimbledon (Merton Abbey Primary School, High Path, SW19 2JY).

£8 per child, booking is essential.

To find out more, visit: www.mmf.org.uk/handson

Kindergarten News

The penultimate week of this half term has been a colourful one! First dandelions appeared on the meadow like mini suns. Children have been picking them and rubbing the petals on their cheeks as natural makeup. Lady Spring had also wakened bugs and birds. We lowered our bodies searching for snails and ladybirds, fascinated by the ways snails moved, counting the spots on the ladybirds to figure out their ages (according to kids’ theory). We raised our heads watching herons flying across the sky and parakeets jumping amongst tree branches. Then some children exclaimed in excitement, “See! All the leaves are coming out!”

Inside the classroom, we chopped up red cabbage leaves, smelled turmeric and onion skins, then cooked them to make plant dyes for colouring eggs. Some children chose to paint their eggs with water colour paints using cotton buds as paint brushes. We have also worked hard with the scissors, making mini buntings to decorate our Easter baskets. Each child planted some seeds in a pot which could turn into salad very soon!

In Spring Term, older kindergarten children have learnt all 26 English letters and their sounds. They have also practiced drawing basic shapes and writing numbers from 1 to 20. In woodwork lessons, the current project is building a mini village. Last term, each of them made a wood person during woodwork sessions. This term, they traced the shapes of these wood people, then designed and sewed outfits for them. What an achievement!

Wishing you all a wonderful Easter holiday! There will be more fun learning in Summer Term!

Junior School News

Willow Class: We have been on the move recently – running through the park between lessons. It’s great to see the class starting to learn to run together, looking out for each other and setting the pace so that no one gets left behind. We are hoping to build up our stamina next term to run two laps around the school circuit.

Elsewhere, it was a pleasure to share with parents our class poem, ‘This is the House that Jack Built’. Again, another example of the class coming together as a team – they have done so well this term.

We will be bidding Joel farewell this week; he will missed in the class. However, we are excited to welcome back Maria-Bella and welcome Anastasia to the class after the Easter Holidays.

Birch Class: Birch Class presented a beautiful version of Francis and the Wolf. We are now winding down and preparing for Biomes Main Lesson in the Summer Term.

Oak and Chestnut Class: Congratulations for winning the Class Trophy from Usborne Books today for reading the most minutes in our Reading Challenge. Well done, readers!

Woodland Craft News


On a ‘woodland babies’ theme, we tried on tiny green ‘moustaches’: sycamore seedlings. The stream ‘science lab’ found families of watershrimps. Outraged at the rubbish in the river ‘this is so mean!’ some children set to clearing it up with nets, bags, and sticks. They’re meant to let adults do this, but it was an impressive initiative. Also a forked stick became a coat hook, a long stick got refined and smoothed with sawing, and several special dens were found and embellished before we ended with a couple of games and reflection time.


This was a relaxed session, with philosophical debates about how the earth began when sitting with boots in the stream, and again on the walk back to school (‘ how did trees evolve?’). Some pupils made 3-D Easter chicks with a rare bit of yellow card, and others – boats, mainly of the bundle of sticks strapped together early form of raft variety. Once we get storage space for longer projects, more sturdy designs might evolve! Meanwhile, dreams of climbing huge trees had to be satisfied with a short scamper up a smaller one, and we all enjoyed the games of Coo-whit and Bat and Moth.

Oak Chestnut

Spring = wild garlic pesto! The students all chopped and pounded the leaves, mixed the oil, and bashed the salt with gusto. This pungent paste was a delight to produce and tasted quite as delicious as we anticipated.

Elsewhere, the suggestion that we could view the dark flat areas of winter earth as a blank canvas bore fruit in a quiet assemblage on the ground of ‘loose parts’ – found woodland objects – forming a vast and mysterious egg.

Summer Term Calendar 2024

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