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Thursday 19th October

(children only event, am)

Chestnut and Oak Classes Football Practice at HSW We are getting ready for the Chatsworth Schools’ Friendly Football Tournament on November 9th with some joint practice at Hall School Wimbledon.

Thursday 19th October

(children only event, pm)

Chestnut and Oak Classes visit Wimbledon BookFest
We are delighted to be hearing Katherine Rundell in conversation at Wimbledon BookFest after studying her book, Rooftoppers, last term.

Thursday 19th October

(parents welcome, 2:45pm)

Juniors’ Open Classrooms (Willow and Birch) As we approach the end of this first half term, parents are welcome to come into their child’s classroom to see their wonderful work for themselves.

Friday 20th October

(parents welcome, 8:30am)

Juniors’ Open Classrooms (Chestnut and Oak) As we approach the end of this first half term, parents are welcome to come into their child’s classroom to see their wonderful work for themselves.

Friday 20th October


Oak Walk and Talk Join our Headteacher for a Walk and Talk through Morden Hall Park to ask questions, share ideas and find out more about education in Oak Class.

Friday 20th October

End of Half Term Autumn 1 Have a fun and restful two weeks and we will see you again on Monday 6th November!

Week commencing 6th November

Event Details
Monday 6th November Start of Half Term Autumn 2 We look forward to welcoming children back to school for a new half term.

Wednesday 8th November

(4:30pm, after school community event)

Lantern Festival Come and celebrate the light within us at this dark time of year. Join in singing our lantern songs and admire the beautiful lanterns the children have made.

Children will be dismissed as normal, afterschool clubs will run as normal.

Parents will supervise their own children.

Thursday 9th November

(Chestnut and Oak children, all day)

Chatsworth Friendly Football Tournament Ready, set, go! We’re off to join the other Chatsworth schools for a football tournament. Parents will be sent a consent form shortly.
Friday 10th November

(10am – 11:30am)

Open Day Please share with friends the booking form our latest Open Day to come and see our school in action. We can’t wait for our students to show them around!

Open Day – The London Acorn School

Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th November

(10am – 5pm)

TLAS at the Independent School Show For the first time, The London Acorn School are heading to the Independent School Show alongside Hall School Wimbledon. If you will be there, do come and say hello!

Welcome from our Headteacher

Welcome to the last week of half term.
As we approach the break I would like to take this opportunity to reflect on all the hard work, individual resourcefulness and teamwork that we have seen in our students so far.
Our older students in Chestnut and Oak showed excellent teamwork and collaboration in their football training last week with Years 5 and 6 of Hall School Wimbledon. Individuals are showing great courage at fast oral times table testing and to top it all, many of them are about to become published poets as their work has been selected to feature in a published anthology.
Meanwhile, Birch have been showing us their perseverance as they work to master their first recorder piece and I am so proud of both the efforts they are putting into their academic progress and their contribution to community with the beautiful decorations for our harvest celebration.
Willow Class has made great strides in their first half term of classroom education, developing with Sama their first classroom culture. It is very pleasing to see levels of kind interaction and hard work now coming through in this class. These are the foundations of classroom attainment.
Every time I have the privilege to peek into our Kindergartens I have seen evidence of children comfortable with more and more complex symbolic play and with themselves as learners.
Well done to all staff who have worked so hard to establish the right environment and culture for academic year 2023/24. I would also like to thank all families and carers who are partnering up with us to establish creative play cultures at home, all your care in this and in establishing daily reading to your children makes such a difference.
Best wishes,

Announcements, Reminders and Important Information

Poetry Awards:

We were delighted to share with Chestnut students in assembly this morning the wonderful news that their poems for the Young Writers’ This is Me competition have been chosen to be included in the 2023 Young Writers’ Poetry Anthology! They have received gold certificates, bookmarks and stickers. Congratulations to these children on having their work published. Parents will be sent letters today to give their permission for the poems to be included. We will be gifted a free copy of the anthology for our library in December. Parents are welcome to purchase their own copies, too.

Bokkie Sports Half Term Camp:

Dear Parents
Please note that our Autumn Camp dates have changed to 23 to 27 October. 9am – 2pm
We have limited space available for each day so don’t miss out, book now…
All Bookings & Enquiries to:
Yours in SportCoach Jody!

Kindergarten News

At the start of the week, we caught this year’s last splendid rays of the sun and totally immersed ourselves in nature. National Trust gardeners kindly chopped the big fallen branch into pieces. Some children worked as a team, using the sticks to build dens. Some of them made spider webs with smaller sticks; some took the barks, drilled holes and made boats with beautiful autumn leaf sails. We also practiced how to tie knots using grass, decorating our fingers with grass rings and wrists with grass bracelets. One can never feel bored in nature!
As the day gets shorter with a chill in the air, we search for light and warmth. In the classroom, we continued our work on lanterns and sang joyfully our lantern songs. In children’s play, some of them already started the festive season by wrapping presents and place them at different corners of the room for a treasure hunt! This week we celebrated two Kinde birthdays. “Happy Birthday” to dear Ferne and Elliot!

Junior School News

Willow Class have been working carefully on their beautiful letter books, learning about the story behind Incy Wincy Spider, drawing spider webs, and practising their letter formation. Willow Class have also been exploring the sense of touch in Science with lucky dip games!

Birch Class have been creating Wanted posters for animals that were around in the Stone Age but are now extinct, such as the Dodo. In Maths, Birch children have also been creating their own number lines to revise counting on and counting backwards.

Chestnut Class are delighted to share that their poems have been accepted into the Young Writers’ 2023 Anthology of Poems! Huge congratulations to our talented poets. We also had Milla giving a special presentation in Science of an adult female deer skull (expertly cleaned for school use), which fascinated the pupils as we looked at its teeth, jaw movement and how heavy its skull was.

Oak Class have been exploring the military technology that was used in WW1 as well as expanding their vocabulary with learning the definitions of words such as ‘alliance’ and ‘imperialism’. What’s more, Chestnut and Oak children have begun their football training in conjunction with Hall School Wimbledon for our tournament after Half Term; they returned from last week’s training session buzzing!

Woodland Craft News

Willow Class

The children developed their mud work, some finding the consistency of clay good for a repeating pattern along a log, while others painted tree trunks. We talked about why earth around tree roots can’t be the mud source! Lots of autumnal decorations were made, like a leafy, feathered wand, a string of bright leaves and a leaf and twig mobile, hanging well once we found its centre of gravity. There were a couple of small bark boats launched, and experimentation with the sounds of rocks plopping into the stream. We ended in our circle, looking up at the leaf-patterned sky, which is a relaxing celebration of the trees before they are bare again.

Birch Class

The rich provision of autumn inspired much making: ‘Hangy’, a bright leaf strung on a stick, appeared along with several imaginative sock animals. Selected leaves went into the flower-press. By the stream there were observations of  water resistance (‘the water feels heavy’), while other students waded to a mid-stream log, continually testing the water’s varying depth with sticks (to observe the stream, and avoid wet socks!) Two students completed the tiny den discovered in the woods on Monday, with sheep’s wool, leaves, and a twig path to the door. The mood was harmonious, ending with a game of coo-whit and the story of the Wolf and the Walker.

Chestnut and Oak Classes

The class were keen to forage for berries, so we gathered rosehips at the edge of the meadow. In the woodland everyone worked hard at colouring their ‘spirit shields’ and we heard wonderful stories about the inspiration for some of their designs at the end. The whole group then spontaneously balanced on the huge willow logs and looked very tall and proud.

Updated Autumn 2023 Calendar

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