A very warm welcome to our Acorn Adventurers Blog. We are hoping to bridge the enforced social distance but remain emotionally connected and supportive to you all as we embark together in this new phase. We aim to offer resources such as songs, verses and stories, recipes, activities and articles. Choose what supports you and leave the rest. The most important things for your child are rhythm, play and your presence.

Recent Lessons

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  • Crafts
    Apple and Seedhead Art
    The apple harvest is in full swing, and we’ve been inspired by all the crab...
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  • Crafts Little Acorns
    Weaving a nest or shelter
    Hello everyone! Here we bring an easy weaving project which families might enjoy, although it requires...
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  • Parent Guidance & Support
    Spring Festival with Little Acorns at Home
    Welcome, and thank you for visiting the Little Acorns Blog. At The London Acorn School, we...
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  • Parent Guidance & Support
    Rhythm - its importance and how to bring it in...
    Hello and thank you for visiting the Little Acorns (LA) blog! We at The London Acorn...
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