Fractions is one of the most exciting main lessons in Class Four. Here we break the whole into parts. We cut everything that we can into equal parts, making pizza, sharing fruit and creating fantastic stained glass windows out of tissue paper circles, cut into fractions.
Here are some images from the main lesson material, forming the backbone of all the explorations to follow.

Rather than printing a fractions chart created by someone else, we create our own – this process helps us to access the language of fractions better while practicing our skills in measuring too. We are also able to expose ourselves to equivalent fractions through this and can see how to make one whole out of different fractions added together.

We create our own explanations out of experiential learning and our main lesson books become our self-made and loved ‘text books’ which we can look back through with love and fond memories in moments where we need to remember concepts and steps.

The marriage between art and maths brings concepts to life.

Taking our time to create our own explanatory drawings helps to make the understanding of concepts more concrete.

We link what we know about halves and doubles of integers to fractions.

The Anatomy of a Fraction

Linking fractions to both nature and art, we hope to create a living understanding within each child.

Improper Fractions

Equivalent Fractions

Simplifying Fractions

Adding and Subtracting Fractions