Here comes spring and flowers are carpeting the world. Spring blossoms bring to us the vitality from mother earth. At May festival, we wear flower crowns to honer the power of life. Flowers have the colours of the rainbow, buy wearing them, we celebrate hope, love and peace together.

Flower crowns and wreaths can be made by many different materials. You probably have your own method too. In this post, we are sharing with you how to make an easy flower crown with dandelion flowers. Dandelion is one of kindergarten children’s best friends. They enjoy picking these wild flowers to make a little bouquet, to decorate their dens, for cooking in their play or for extracting the yellow juice from the petals to colour their faces! Blowing the seed head of dandelion plants is another favourite activity of theirs. Just a quick reminder that the white milk from dandelion stems is not easy to get rid of, so please do not wear light coloured or your best clothes when collecting them.

There will also be pictures demonstrating two other ways of making flower crowns. Have a fun coronation ceremony with your kids!

Grass Based Crown

1. Tie three pieces of long grass together with the middle one a lot longer than the ones on the sides. Plait the three pieces together as far as you can.

2. Now the two on the sides have become too short, take two other pieces of long grass and tie them onto your plait. This can be repeated until achieving the length you want.

3. Tie the beginning and the end of the plait to make a halo. Weave the sticking out parts into the plait.

4. Decorate the crown with the flowers available for you. They can also be the flowers of different types of grass.

Branch Based Crown

1. You will need a pair of secateurs/ scissors, strings and some soft branches of bushes or trees. Bend part of the branches and twine them to form a halo. It will have a better effect if you distribute the leafy parts evenly.

2. At three or four points of the circle, tie the branches together and cut off the parts that are too hard to weave into the circle.

3. Weave in more leaves to form a substantial volume for the crown.

4. Decorate the crown with flowers of your choice.

Enjoy it!