Hello everyone!

Ya-hsin made elderflower drink from the flowers collected from the school garden. This is the perfect recipe to cope with high temperatures and to catch the end of the elderflower season.


  • elderflower heads (medium to large size) x 10~15
  • lemon x 1
  • honey x 200~300g
  • water x 1l


1. Collect elderflower heads. Preferably those just opened (not the ones with just flower buds or with some green berries already forming). Try to avoid those with too many insects on. Gently rinse these flower heads in water to wash off dirt and bugs.

2. In a large bowl, soak the flowers in water, cover the bowl with a cloth cover and leave for 24 hours. (If you like lemony taste, add a few pieces of lemon peel. Avoid the white part of lemon skin as it brings a bitter taste.)

3. Pour the juice into a pan through a fine sieve or a piece of muslin cloth. Cook in medium heat. As soon as it is boiling, add the lemon juice (also through the sieve) and honey, switch the cooker off and leave the juice to cool.

4. Drink the juice straight away or bottle it up and store in the fridge. As this recipe does not contain a lot of sugar, it is better to consume the drink as soon as possible. You can serve the drink with crushed raspberries or mint leaves. In a hot day, add some sparkling water to make a summery fizzy drink!

Enjoy it!