Hello everyone!

Today we are bringing a lovely activity for children and adults to have fun together.

For this craft you’ll need:

  • a few stones you can collect from your walk around the park
  • white paint
  • markers
  • school glue (the white one which is transparent when dried)

How do we do it?:

  1. First we wash the stones and let them dry.
  2. We paint them with white paint and let them dry.
  3. No is time for you and your child to have fun. Paint them with the markers making the drawings you want. E.g. Flowers, animals, objects, different houses, emotions, etc.
  4. Onces all the stones have drawings and we put glue on them with a paint brush and let them dry.
  5. Finally we put all the stones inside a bag.
  6. To start the game the child needs to take 5 stones from the bag and make a story including all the drawings.

The involvement of the adult in this activity will depend on the child’s age. For little ones you can take the 5 stones and make up the story together. For the 5 and 6 years old children, the adult can guide them with the order of the stones to help the child link them or give ideas but they are more than able to create the story by themselves.

Enjoy the activity and comment your stories!

Here is a nice idea for the big children (6 years old) to be involved with. Click on the picture to read what is it about.