Wake up and prepare for the day
Breakfast and clean up
Outdoor time- play, bike ride, outdoor walk, garden work
Story time
Play alongside activity- 
Monday: cooking, Tuesday: baking, Wed.: craft, Thursday: drawing/painting, Friday: cleaning
(Meaningful work is best, the children can choose to participate or go and play) 
Tidy up 
Circle time
Lunch and clean up 
Quiet time- books, nap
In the kindergarten we want the children to experience “ the world is good”. A calm and loving adult brings to the child the sense of goodness. When we are with the children, we set aside our adult concerns and do our best to be fully present in our time with them. It is mindfulness in action.
Mental health experts recommend that adults try to maintain normal routines and activities in times of stress. For children, it is even more important. Find the routine that best work for your family and stick to it.
Being a parent or being a teacher is not about being perfect, we all have our days. Rather, it is to develop the capacity to grow and change, to learn, to be grateful for the amazing children who have come to us.
Let’s keep the communication open. Give us your feedback, this blog is a new experience for us. As we say in kindergarten – “We are all learning”.