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The London Acorn School is a culturally and artistically rich environment for children to learn within.

Teachers teach to the whole child, head, heart, and hands and each lesson is revealed in a three-fold manner: through the intellectual capacities, artistic and emotional capacities , and practical skill-building capacities .

At TLAS the integration of the arts into all academic disciplines throughout the education is evident. This encourages the pupils’ emotional engagement with their learning, as well as develops their imagination and freedom of thinking, and instils aesthetic appreciation.


Pupils work in a wide variety of techniques, including painting, and drawing, sculpture, pottery, woodwork and handwork. Our wonderful Woodwork room is a haven of industrial activity and creativity. Pupils from our Kindergarten classes onwards have lessons in this workshop. The art galleries and workshops within Morden Hall Park provide the school with the option to display artwork, organise visits and workshops.


Music is integral to a full creative and holistic curriculum and its ability to raise academic standards is now becoming increasingly documented.

Singing forms a key element of the daily rhythm for our younger pupils. The pupils learn songs related to the topics they are studying or that reflect the season. They progress from singing in unison to four part rounds and harmonies. Singing is a part of the fabric of TLAS and children can be heard around Morden Cottage singing as they move between lessons. The impact of this on the wellbeing and happiness of the pupils is evident.

All pupils in Lower School are taught to play the recorder and TLAS has developed a relationship with Merton Music Foundation to also offer exciting musical projects on a carousel project.


Drama is a medium that can empower children on an individual level as well as encourage greater social cohesion as a class. All pupils work on and perform pieces that range from fairy stories to Shakespeare. Performances take place in Morden Hall Park and in the garden attached to Morden Cottage.

TLAS has developed strong partnerships with local London theatres and creative institutions in London to provide the widest experience and educational opportunities for all our children

The London Acorn School is a Creative Primary School

Did you know that creative arts actually has many benefits to the human brain and its development of cognitive function and problem solving abilities? Or that it can also improve the development of personal expression and self-awareness?

If you didn’t, you do now!

The teaching staff here at The London Acorn School are well aware of these benefits, as well as the plethora of other benefits that come from our pupils partaking in creative arts classes.

Our school is both a culturally rich and artistically friendly environment for your children to make use of these benefits and hone their intellectual capacities, their artistic and emotional capacities and their practical skill-building capacities, we call this the three-fold manner which focuses primarily on thinking, feeling and willing.

The curriculum available at TLAS integrates the arts within all academic disciplines throughout education with the sole purpose of encouraging the pupils’ to engage emotionally with their learning alongside developing their imaginative abilities and freedom of thinking while also instilling an appreciation for aesthetics.

Creative Thinking in Schools is Important

easter bunny

There’s a total misconception about the idea of being an ‘artist’ and most people are left with the total belief that you have to be born with talent and that actually creating art is limited to just the lucky few. It’s true that we can’t all be Van Gogh’s or Rembrandts however just simply having the desire to get creative and artistic can have many long term benefits

Embracing your desire to create or get creative can make you a more observant person. Leonardo da Vinci once said: “Painting embraces all the ten functions of the eye; that is to say, darkness, light, body and colour, shape and location, distance and closeness, motion and rest.”

Pupils at The London Acorn School work with a wide variety of different techniques which can include: Painting, Drawing, Sculpture, Pottery, Woodwork and Handwork

All of which takes place within our wonderful workroom here at the school, this workroom is an absolute haven for industrial activity that encourages creativity and free-thinking amongst the students. There are currently pupils from kindergarten classes onwards that partake in lessons in this workshop.

Creativity through Music

Music has a powerful influence on development and is an integral part to ensuring a full creative and holistic curriculum here at the school, one of the reasons we focus on music so much is because of its ability to raise academic standards that has also been more increasingly documented over the years.

Singing is a form of creative expression which forms a key element to the daily rhythm of the younger pupils in our school. Pupils will learn songs which are related to the topics that they are studying or simply reflect the seasons and pupils progress from singing in unison to four part rounds and harmonies.

Singing is one of the strongest fabrics in the tapestry that is TLAS and all throughout Morden Cottage you can more often than not hear children singing even as they move between lessons and this alone is proof that music can impact on the happiness and wellbeing of the pupils at our school.

When in lower school, each and every child is taught how to play the recorder. Our teachers are aware that children learn at different paces and take this factor into consideration when they teach. The London Acorn School is proud to have developed a working relationship with the Merton Music Foundation which allows us to offer more exciting projects involving a carousel project.

Drama at The London Acorn

Drama can be empowering, building confidence, improving concentration, assisting with the development of language skills and even promoting physical and emotional intelligence in children. Pupils work and perform pieces that can range from simple fairy stories, to the more complex works of Shakespeare and all performances take place in Morden Hall Park, as well as the garden attached to Morden Cottage

Our school has also developed a strong partnership with the local London theatres and creative institutions in order to provide the widest experience and education opportunities possible for your children.

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