Drawing is essential for children’s development.

It is not only a fun activity it is, like play, also a form of communication. Through drawing children talk to us and to themselves, it is one of the many languages children use to talk about the world outside and within themselves; expressing feelings, ideas and their will especially when they are still unable to express themselves through oral and written language.

Having a space for drawing is fundamental for the cognitive, emotional and social development of children. In addition to this, it develops a sense of observation, realizing/perceiving the variety of colors, shapes and textures. Drawing helps children to develop in different ways, social-emotional, motor and artistic.

Children are natural artists.

And, as in play, their drawings are a manifestation of individual and inner sources. They are spontaneous, free and with no standards. Therefore, adult influence can disrupt the natural flow of their artistic creative expression. That is why we try not to direct children drawing; trying not to “teach” that the house is like this and the sun is like that. For the same reason, we avoid drawing for them. It can make them feel demotivated if they can not make a picture like yours. Just reassure them that whatever they are doing is great.

Knowing their developmental stage of your child.

When a child draws, they are expressing themselves and the developmental stage they are at.

If we look carefully, we can observe the phases through which they pass, starting from big movements or scribbles, revealing pure vitality, up to more complex figures that require more concentration and maturity such as humans, animals, trees etc.
An interesting fact is that children around the world draw very similar things through their developmental phases. The “rainbow or semi-circle house” is a good example of that. A very good book to read about children’s drawings and their development is: Understanding children’s drawings by Michaela Strauss.

Let’s get ready!

So, go and prepare a beautiful drawing station for your child. This is a simple and inexpensive activity.
You will need: paper, crayons, pencil, other artistic utensils if wanted, and time. Let the children take the time they need to create and freely express themselves.
If you want to share some of your children’s drawings send them to: melani@thelondonacornschool.co.uk