Our children love this wonderful community school! The warm and highly capable staff are focused on nurturing curiosity and creativity in a holistic and child-centred way. Such a beautiful setting, and easily commutable for parents who work in the City.

Gonda Winternitz

My daughter has been attending the kindergarten for a year. The level of accommodation and dedication we have received is amazing. My daughter settled quickly (this is her first daycare experience) and has a great connection with her teachers. For me it was important that the school activities are age appropriate and that the child’s emotional well-being is prioritised. I also felt spending time outdoors was important, as well as the respectful attitude towards children and letting them grow at their own pace when they are still so young. It’s a lovely and close knitted parent community and our family has come to cherish this school.

Helena Annuk

We joined the school to attend the parent and toddler group when my son was just over 1. He’s now turning 3 and will be progressing to the school’s kindergarten (something we hadn’t considered prior to joining the school) in, January. I absolutely LOVE the school’s approach towards ‘education’ – I say ‘education’ because it’s a lot more than that. Every experience or interaction with a child is thought out, taking in to consideration the child’s physical needs, emotional needs, social needs and so on. I myself am very intuitive and have a holistic parenting approach which made me consider homeschooling as, I didn’t think I’d be able to find a school that actually understood children in their entirety. I was wrong though and I ended up finding an environment richer than the one I’d be able to provide my child with at home. I have learned lots over these past 2 years from my interactions with other parents and teachers at the school and I look forward to learning more over the years. I must add that, the staff at the London Acorn School are, extremely knowledgeable and dedicated and Janice (the parent and toddler group leader) is a parenting GURU! I wish this school immense success (for selfish reasons of course)!

Mariam Zaidi
A truly special place. My children couldn’t be happier here.
Oliver Egan
Wonderful low tech school that focuses on children’s individual growth and development partly following the Waldorf/Steiner Model, while additionally focusing on academic achievement in the higher age-group classes.
Rob H