Class 1 have been exploring form drawing through the story of Sandile and Nomsa’s River Journey. Straight lines and curves are the building blocks of all of our letters, numbers and geometric shapes. The precision and care required at this stage will enable Class 1 children to write fluidly and legibly as we learn new letters and begin to write words.

I have been in awe of their work! Class 1 are drawing thoughtfully, determined to create accurate shapes and surround these forms with images from our story.

Sandile with his staff: Vertical line

Manya’s cave: curve

The bend in the river: S curve

Following on from Form Drawing, Class 1 has been learning letters in tandem with the sounds these letters represent in Phonics lessons. We begun last week with The Seal Maiden story from which we derived the letter S – shaped like an old seal with a belly full of fish! We have also looked at the difference between consonants and vowels and uppercase and lowercase. Once we have learnt the first set of letters (SATPIN), we will begin to write and read our own, and then each other’s writing.

Uppercase and lowercase practice

The Old Seal: S