Our Mathematical focus over the past few weeks of Home Learning has been to help the children relate to more abstract forms of mathematics through pictorial images, stories, experiences with numbers and deepening their knowledge of Place Value.

We have worked hard in developing an understanding of number patterns, in counting forwards and backwards, number value and skip counting in order to have a foundation that supports a lifelong love of numbers and being able to tackle any mathematical problems we might encounter.

This is a quick Warm Up Maths exercise that students would spend less then 10 minutes doing. It is a bridge exercise that leads into the daily focus.

Focus- Building confidence in working with the Four Processes (+ – x / )

A Class Two Place Value exercise on reading numbers from both numerals and words.

A ‘Mental Maths’ problem given to Class Two students.

Students are encouraged to solve the problem in any way they choose. This is about building creativity and showing children that there are many ways to approach and solve problems.

Another ‘Mental Maths’ problem given to Class Two students.

This was a fun problem that involves many of the students names.

This particular marble  problem was challenging to the students as it involves different counting processes and not just straight forward addition.

Some of the children needed to use a piece of paper to track their thoughts in solving this.