Hi everyone!

Here is a little song/poem to make the washing hands time more enjoyable.

10 Little Fishies
A Hand Washing Poem/Song for Little Children
Susan Perrow – March 2020

I have 10 little fishies,
That love the washing rule.
They have so many swims each day,
In water clean and cool.

Each little fishy finger,
Gets a soapy bubbly rub.
From its head down to its tail,
Then I rinse them in the tub.

My fishies need to have
Many swims and rubs each day –
Before I eat my food,
And after every play.

Each little fishy finger,
When I have used the loo,
Enjoys two soapy rubs,
Such important work to do!
Each time the fun is over,
I shake the water free,
Then dry the fishy fingers,
That all belong to me!