Our Team for the Academic Year 2017-2018

Meet our Team

Sarah Thorne – Co-founder

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Andrew Thorne – Co founder

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Safeguarding Team

Claire’s Scopas – Safeguarding Lead

Alni T – Safeguarding Deputy

David Armstrong – External Safeguarding Lead

Andrew Thorne – Board Safeguarding Lead

The School

Core Teaching Team

Claire Scopas – Head Teacher, English Subject Specialist, Class 5/6

Claire qualified as a primary school teacher in 1995. Since then she has worked in various roles in education in the UK, New Zealand and Australia.

For more than 10 years, Claire worked as a teacher in mainstream schools, taking on wider responsibilities such as, coordinating Special Needs, Literacy, PE and RE. Claire’s experience also includes 5 years working with Sutton and Merton Traveller Education as Advisory Teacher and Team Leader. Most recently she worked in Australia as an Educational Case Manager, working with teenagers in out-of-home care.

Claire has a BA Degree in English and Italian and a Post Graduate Certificate in Education. In 2016, she successfully completed a Master of Education degree, specialising in Specific Learning Difficulties.

Luana Milroy – Class Teacher, Class 5/6

Luana was born in New Zealand but grew up on the pacific island of Samoa until the age of 16. She then spent 2 years in Australia before moving back to New Zealand in 2010 to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Primary Education with a speciality in Steiner. Luana has a love for the great outdoors and thoroughly enjoys activities from sailing to camping and movement education or games, the latter of which form an integral part of our School Curriculum.

During Luana’s Bachelor Degree, she became passionate about working with children in alternative education and realised that, the Steiner education philosophy aligned with her own morals, beliefs and values outside of the classroom. Luana is very creative in her teaching and loves being hands on and artistic in her classroom. She has worked in New Zealand for 3 years as a class teacher with the same children from Class 1 to 3 before moving to London at the beginning of 2017.

Anne Haendiges – Class Teacher, Class 2/3

Anne has 20 years successful teaching experience in Waldorf schools as both, class and subject teacher, working with students in classes 1 through 12. Her daughters attended The Acorn School in Nailsworth while she trained in Hauschka Artistic Therapy at Hibernia College in Stroud. She is also a practitioner of Nurturing Arts.

Anne’s approach to teaching is artistic and creatively practical, experience based and process oriented.
Over the years she has attended and participated in countless teacher, medical, art and therapy conferences and workshops.

Amanda Plummer-Hiller – Class Teacher, Class 1

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Stephane Azarian – French Subject Specialist

Stéphane has a BA in Linguistics obtained in the United States, a MA in Language Sciences and a MA in Education which he obtained in France. Although his teaching experience over the past 6 years is essentially with adults and professionals, he is thoroughly enjoying learning about the Steiner approach and Primary Education as part of the London Acorn School team. 

Lisa Kankowski – German Subject Specialist

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Mariam Zaidi – Maths Subject Specialist

Mariam has a BSc in Economics and Finance from the University of York, part of the renowned Russell Group of universities. She also holds a PGCE in Secondary Mathematics from Kingston University, London and has been in the education sector since, 2009. Mariam is a passionate practitioner with a high regard for Steiner’s educational ideas however, she keeps an open mind towards other approaches as well. As such, Mariam has recently attended a workshop on Singapore teaching methods to fit the technology and text book free environment of The London Acorn School.

Myrto Loulaki – Music Teacher

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Geoff Davidson – Woodwork Teacher

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Lily Janas-Snell – Teaching Assistant, Class 1

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The Kindergarten

Soraya Calvo – Lead Teacher Bumblebee

Soraya is a passionate early years practitioner and the Lead Teacher for Bumblebee Kindergarten. She has a number of early years qualifications up to postgraduate level and over 15 years experience working in early educational settings.

Helga Pinter – Lead Teacher Bluebell

Helga grew up in a small town in Hungary, where she achieved her Kindergarten Teacher degree. She then moved to London where she worked as an au pair for 3 years. In 2002, Helga went back to Hungary and started working as a kindergarten teacher. She graduated from the Waldorf Early Childhood Teacher Training Course and joined The London Acorn School as Lead Teacher for Bluebell Kindergarten in September 2016.

Helga’s studies and personal views of upbringing connect her strongly to Waldorf ideals which are outdoor play and free imaginative, creative approaches to learning through play, music, story and activity.

Alni Terreri

Alni’s interest in child development and behavior started at university where she participated in internships and research projects on the subject. She graduated in psychology and was initially interested in psychoanalysis which led her to work under this approach as a trainee in the Pediatric Rheumatology section of a University Hospital in Brazil for one year.

During Alni’s work in the hospital, she realized the importance of a nurturing space for raising and supporting healthy children, leading her to the  exciting “world of education”. Completing a Postgraduate in Sustainability in Education, Alni attended two years of Steiner education training while working in a kindergarten in Brazil.

In England, she has completed a level 3 “Early Years training” and a level 5 “Early childhood Education (Steiner)” while also working in kindergartens of the same approach. She has also attended many educational conferences, workshops and training. In total, she has spent almost 10 delightful years working with children and is currently the Lead Teacher for Rose Kindergarten.

Melani Fuentes Diaz – Assistant Teacher Bumblebee

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Jessie Codner

Jessie has a Steiner Waldorf Early Years teaching qualification and has been working as an Assistant Teacher in Bluebell Kindergarten since 2016. Jessie has a background in art and later trained in horticulture. She still has a great interest in and love of plants.


Ya-Hsin has always loved to be in nature and has been interested in culture and education since childhood. Her simple wish of making the world a better living place brought her to the study of Landscape Design; with a curiosity towards unfamiliar fields she also completed a MBA degree in International Business Management. Inspired by her mother’s role as an educator, Ya-Hsin has also worked in both state, experimental and bilingual schools when she lived in Taiwan. Past experience has taught her that the secret of happiness lies in a loving heart. Working with young children undoubtedly provides the best opportunity to develop it! Ya-Hsin says she feels very fortunate to be able to work as an Assistant Teacher in Rose Kindergarten, in such a beautiful school. Ya-Hsin has completed an Early Childhood Teacher Training in Steiner Waldorf Education.  

Parent and Child Group – Little Acorns

Mariam Zaidi – Group Leader Fridays

Mariam has been a part of Little Acorns since early 2016, when she began attending sessions with her son. She is very passionate about child development and early years education with a keen interest in movement and nutrition. She refers to herself as a Waldorf inspired parent and loves nothing more than long walks in nature with her family.

Breakfast and Afterschool Clubs

Lily Janas-Snell – Breakfast Club Leader

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Lisa Kankowski – Afterschool Club Leader

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Alexandra Wojcicka-Janik – Afternoon Club Leader

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Our support staff

Joanna Davies – Admissions Manager

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Emily Maskell – School Business Manager

Responsible for undertaking, under the direction of the Head & Governors a number of activities key to the successful running of the school.

Tamara Chaplin – Administrative Assistant

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Vic Yielding – Caretaker & Gardener

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Linda Brown – Cleaner

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Terrie Williams – Cleaner

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