Ofsted are impressive in their approach to independent schools. They check the school curriculum to ensure it includes all required areas of learning, and then they examine the school’s effectiveness at bringing the curriculum to children. This is achieved through close scrutiny of teachers’ lesson plans, children’s work and children’s assessments, as well as lessons of course.

Extracts from the report are given below and the whole report may be seen on the Ofsted website: http://www.ofsted.gov.uk/inspection-reports/find-inspection-report/provider/ELS/139417

Quality of curriculum: “Outstanding”

(Ofsted, 2014)

The outstanding curriculum enables pupils to achieve exceptionally well in all subject areas and supports their outstanding spiritual, moral, social and cultural development. The curriculum includes all the required areas of learning and… is exemplary in its ability to inspire pupils and impart lasting knowledge.

Quality of teaching: “Outstanding”

(Ofsted, 2014)

In the Kindergarten, teaching is characterised by a thorough understanding of how children learn through imitation and play, and through sensory exploration. In the Lower School, all teachers demonstrate excellent subject knowledge and teach with energy and imagination. Pupils respond by being fully attentive, motivated and creative.

Pupils’ achievement: “Outstanding”

(Ofsted, 2014)

Pupils’ outstanding achievement is the result of an outstanding curriculum, outstanding teaching, and a holistic approach to learning and personal development that is centred on pupils’ physical and emotional well-being and their moral and spiritual development. (In the Kindergarten), children show high levels of concentration and dexterity … express themselves confidently and fluently and are prepared well for formal reading and writing by the age of six. In the Lower School, pupils grasp new knowledge quickly and securely in ‘main lessons’ through teachers’ excellent knowledge of the curriculum, vivid narratives…, and high-quality drawings which inspire them to explore a topic in depth.


Pupils’ behaviour and personal development: “Outstanding”

(Ofsted, 2014)

Pupils’ outstanding behaviour and personal development is underpinned by their outstanding emotional, spiritual, moral, social and cultural development… Pupils’ behaviour is mostly exemplary… Pupils say that they love their school and that they would not change anything about it.