Honey Rolls


This recipe comes from a Waldorf kindergarten in the U.S. the children are able to help every step of the way and really enjoy shaping the rolls. INGREDIENTS: 1 tablespoon yeast 1.5 cups of warm water 1 tablespoon honey 1.5 tablespoon oil 4 cups of flour (mix of wholewheat and white) METHOD: 1. Stir together the honey, warm water and yeast. Wait for it to get foamy. 2. Add the oil and flour and stir until it [...]

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Nettle Soup


Hello Everyone! This is the soup of the week. Stinging nettle is a very common weed which we see in the park, by the roadside or at our backyards. Almost all of our kindergarten children have experienced traumatic moments when the first time they got stung by a stinging nettle! They learn to be careful when walking past these hairy plants. They learn to rub the stinging nettle bite with a crushed dock leaf to ease the pain. As they grow, they like to challenge themselves by walking through nettle bushes with their hands held high- and of course, dressed in [...]

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Kindergarten Bread


Ingredients white bread flour x 3 cups wholemeal bread flour x 1 cup dry yeast x 2 tea spoons salt x ½ tea spoon palm sugar (or brown sugar) x 2 ½ tea spoons warm water x 1 ½ cups olive oil x 2 table spoons a handful of pumpkin seeds (not shown in the photo) ** In the picture, the bread flour is replaced by plain flour and the yeast used is a bit out of date, so the dough does not rise as nicely as usual. Method [...]

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Kindergarten Soup


Ingredients (This recipe serves 3~4 people) potato x 1 carrot x 1 sweet potato x 1 onion x 1/2 butternut squash (or any other type) x reasonable amount broccoli (here replaced by sprouting broccoli and kale sprouts) x 1/2 red lentil (not shown in the tutorial) x 1/2 cup Bouillon x 2 table spoons Method 1. Wash the vegetables with children if possible. 2. If you prefer to peel some of the ingredients, children can participate too. Remember to remind them that [...]

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